Muslim Lives Matter

The Maori community performing a traditional Haka at the end of the service at the Islamic College Karawatha, paying respects for their fallen sisters and brothers from Christchurch.

Muslims all around the world have been struck a deep blow following the recent TRAGEDY of the terrorist attacks at the two Christchurch Mosques in New Zealand that resulted in the murder of 49 innocent Muslims along with over 20 more serious injuries. It has been a extreme shock for such an event to have occurred so close to home.

It is time to make our voices heard around the world and more importantly, right here in Australia. It is clear that there is still blatant ignorance against us Muslims as can be seen in an Australian Senator who has publicly attempted to justify the terrorist’s actions.

We make this stand in hopes of bringing recognition to the Muslims living in Australia. We make this stand in hopes of protecting our families and communities. We make this stand so that Australia can flourish into a haven for people from all different cultures and religions.

This will be a peaceful march taking place in Brisbane City. We do this in honour of the souls that were lost in Christchurch. Join us, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, in projecting our voice as one to those who cannot hear it.


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