The Great Society

‘We’re not going to beat Big Money with more Big Money’
– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

What political system does AOC propose we organise towards?

It was the centre that put the world in its current mess. The Great Society was built on the impoverishment of the poor both inside and outside the US.

1) Obama & Clinton printed money to pay for oil wars abroad in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya while introducing Obamacare at home … the $US is a giant ponzi scheme paid for by the poor of the world.

2) The ‘New Deal’ was a giant concrete pouring exercise. Keynesian economists recommended that the government spend its way out of the Wall Street crash in 1929. The government subsidised wages so that business could embark of big construction projects. Unemployment levels initially fell after the stock market crash but rose again by the late 1930s. Roosevelt began a war economy after the ‘New Deal’ failed. FDR’s UBI was a capitalist con trick.

3) Kennedy & Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam as they introduced the civil rights bills at home. Johnson (LBJ) said he wanted the Defence Secretary Robert MacNamara to find a way to kill communists in South Vietnam … LBJ exhorted soldiers to “nail the coonskin to the wall“.

These are the politics of the ‘sensible centre’. And now we have crazy right-wingers who want to massacre Muslims as occurred in Christchurch recently. Islamophobia supported by politicians like Fraser Anning who will be gone by the next election.

Can the centre hold?


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