Chelsea Manning Jailed for Contempt

Chelsea Manning has been returned to jail for refusing to co-operate with US Grand Jury pursuing WikiLeaks+Julian Assange – who US/UK plan to Bury alive!

Only 10 people gathered with Chelsea in solidarity as she returned to jail. Chelsea’s GrandDad was from Rathmines/Dublin.

LONDON CALLING 4 SOLIDARITY-SAT+SUN-w IRISH/diaspora Anti- War Resisters-=2Jailed+5 Taggedin U.S.+2 Baiked in Dublin!

Presently we have 2 Irish + 8 Irish Americans in Jail+Tagged+Bailed for Anti War Resistance to Empire. 
They’re kinda like a NV version of the anti imperialist St. Patrick’s BatLlion

*CHECK OUTDavid Rovics St. Patrick Battalion

The Kings Bay Plowshares 7 (Fr. Steve Kelly SJ+ 78 y-old LizMcAlister remain In a Georgia Jail). Martha Hennessey, Carmen Trotta, Claire Gray, Mark Colville + Patrick O’Neil =7 Irish American Catholic Workers electronically tagged awaiting trial for Plowshares disarment Resistance on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther Kings assassination (April 4 2018) at King’s Bay Plowshares Navy Base/GEORGIA USA. 

Colm Roddy + Dave Donnelan await trial in Dublin for nonviolent resistance at Shannon Airport where the U. S. War machine is refuelled.

We don’t all have to go to trial or court, but when they drag our brothers before them + into them we must ead to the streets in solidarity! 

*SATURDAY MARCH 16TH from 1pm Camden Town around free Irish Music Festival 

*SUNDAY MARCH 17th from 12 noon Around the St Patricks Day Parade Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square

If available for outreach solidarity with our anti war prisoners 
Make contact Ciaron Message 07 365 916 333Outside(not so) United Kingdom +44 7 365 916 333

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