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Chelsea Manning Jailed for Contempt

Chelsea Manning has been returned to jail for refusing to co-operate with US Grand Jury pursuing WikiLeaks+Julian Assange – who US/UK plan to Bury alive! Only 10 people gathered with Chelsea in solidarity as she returned to jail. Chelsea’s GrandDad … Continue reading


Local journo man-handled during visit by NSW Premier

Editor’s Note: Jim Beatson was a founding member of 4ZZZ, Australia’s first FM community radio station. Jim is out their still doing the business nearly 50 years later. It would be interesting to hear what his questions of the Premier … Continue reading


No Modern Slavery at Chemist Warehouse

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Hard words rang across the factory floor Juan heard the sound of hate bitter words to injure a shout that sent the signal for the war to come– ‘Brisbane Barrio’ by Jumping Fences Disparity between rich and poor is growing. … Continue reading