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IWD 2019: What is a woman?

Paradigm Shift

Ian talks with Betty Taylor (Red Rose Foundation) about violence done toward women and institutions that discriminate against women.

Ian talks with Pamela Curr AOM about growing up as a woman in the 1960s. Pamela Curr later became an activist with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Podcast @ https://soundcloud.com/ian-curr/iwd-2019-what-is-a-woman

What is a woman?
Angela Davis once said ‘radical simple means getting to the root‘. At the 1910 2nd International Conference of Working Women, delegate Clara Zetkin successfully moved for an International Women’s Day to be celebrated every year. People have marched ever since for women’s rights and to end discrimination against women.

There are many events around Brisbane this week where people can celebrate gains made by women and to organise for struggles ahead. Last night women celebrated IWD at an event hosted by Union Aid Abroad highlighting the international character of this struggle. In the trade unions…

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Palm Sunday Rally for Peace and Refugees

JUSTICE FOR REFUGEESPEACE NOT WARBRING THEM HERE Speakers include:Aran Mylvaganam, co-founded Tamil Council of AustraliaProfessor Susan Harris-Rimmer, Griffith UniversitySenator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Join us on Palm Sunday to stand up for refugees. In the run up to the federal … Continue reading