‘Will no one rid me of this meddling priest’? – Paul Keating

There is a thought that has haunted me for a long time … it is to portray a wholly good man. Nothing is more difficult … especially in our time. – Dostoevsky

The title is an utterance attributed to Henry II of England, which led to the death of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1170.

Pell verdict: skeptics, deniers and others
Prime Ministers Howard and Abbott backed Pell giving him character references. Frank Brennan weighed in to challenge the unanimous guilty verdict on Cardinal Pell. So too did Guy Rundle writing for Crikey.

(Saint) Frank Brennan, Jesuit Priest wrote about ‘truth and justice’ from his Melbourne grate:

Guy Rundle in Crikey:

Here’s Mungo McMallum’s retort to Pell verdict deniers in the Echo:

Paedophile Pell and the suppression order

Scott Morrison may be shedding ministers like the early leaves of autumn, but, as usual, there are distractions – and for once he can be profoundly grateful.

The big one was that it was finally revealed what anyone remotely interested had known for weeks – that George Pell had been convicted of child abuse and the media, frustrated for weeks by a suppression order, piled in.

So the assertion that Pell is a paedophile is no longer an allegation – it is a legal fact, which can only be overturned by a legal appeal. However, this did not faze the zealous Christian soldiers defending the man.

See https://www.echo.net.au/2019/03/thus-spake-mungo-paedophile-pell-suppression-order/

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