‘Women are a colonised sex’

This article situates Australian Elizabeth Reid’s contribution to International Women’s Year (IWY) (1975) within ongoing historiographical discussions on development and human rights. The world’s first advisor on women’s affairs to a head of government, Reid used the burgeoning Women’s Liberation Movement’s critique of ‘sexism’ to challenge IWY’s goals of formal equality, limited and undesirable outcomes that prevented women and men from instead becoming ‘more human’. These ideas were then used to challenge the dominance of economic development over individual and collective rights at the 1975 Mexico City conference, placing Reid as a participant in the 1970s human rights ‘breakthrough’. Continue reading

No Gatton Womens Prison

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Paradigm Shift

This week we talk about prisons – especially women and children in prison. Interviews with Meg Rodahan about the campaign against the new women’s prison at Gatton, and Belinda Lowe from Amnesty International about their campaign to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14. Listen at http://4zzz.org.au/amrap/paradigm-shift 

Meg Rodahan (No Gatton Prison): Oppose the Gatton facility. Women are being taken from Wacol to to a new prison at Gatton to be run by SERCO which run prisons in Western Australian and detention centres for refugees.

Gatton will be a privately owned prison.

Gatton is a long way away from the city and there is no public transport so it is difficult for families to visit the women. 40% of the women imprisoned are on remand. That in for non-violent offences, like drugs and DVO orders taken out by police. No Gatton Prison is calling for a…

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Endgame for Schonell Theatre?

Student Union President Bob Wensley (right) talking with the Governor-General Paul Hasluck (left). The person in middle wearing an Anti-Vietnam war moratorium cap is Australian Actor, Trevor Stuart (formerly Smith). Opening of the Schonell Theatre on 22 Sept 1970. Photo: Semper Floreat. 'I hear what you say’ - Sir Zelman Cowen. 'All we leave are … Continue reading Endgame for Schonell Theatre?

Peaceful Assembly Act – Organising protests without getting fined

Here’s some basic advice on navigating the rules for holding public rallies and marches in Brisbane, which are governed by the Peaceful Assembly Act 1992. This is not a detailed guide on how to organise a protest, but simply a rundown of the specific rules that apply to protests in Brisbane. These rules can sometimes … Continue reading Peaceful Assembly Act – Organising protests without getting fined