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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 fridays at noon 17 March 2017.

Andy and Ian discuss the politics of clothes.

Andy interviews Laurence Lewis, an engineer who is studying the recycling of textiles. Laurence is analysing donations given after Natural Disasters.

Textiles discarded as unwanted clothing ends up as landfill.

People donate textiles during natural disasters.

50% of goods donated are useless. Medicines have expired used by dates, toys are not suitable and food is often unusable. If there’s a flood supply lines of useless goods clog up roads and warehouses that have things people need.

If they fly goods into poverty stricken countries like Haiti they have to go through the Dominican Republic. Things that are needed are prevented from arriving. Peoples lives are lost. Goods need to be stored. For example, the Dominican airport becomes full of useless junk.

During the Japanese tsunami there were harmful factors. The push…

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What workers face

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Introduction   I write this in response to “The problem with ‘Join your union’” by Max Chandler-Mather and Joanna Horton. The article raises important questions about the future of unionism. I wish to address specifically failure by the ALP-led ACTU. … Continue reading