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Pine Gap: 50 years war

Paradigm Shift

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pine-gap-whole-from-pine-gap-east-highest-recoloured Pine Gap from the east. Photo: Nautilus Project

Andy, Tim and Franz talk about their trespass on Pine Gap spy base that has helped US military conduct wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and the ‘war on terror’.

Show begins with a song ‘With my hammer’ by Seize the Day about a ploughshares action in Liverpool England in 1996. The song tells the story of how three women de-commissioned  ground attack aeroplane to be used against the East Timorese in the Indonesian airforce:

“On 29 January 1996, three women entered the British Aerospace military base at Warton, Lancashire armed with household hammers. They smashed the radar nose and control panel of a Hawk ground-attack aircraft, which was part of an order of 24 aircraft destined…

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In Defence of Australia

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In the streets and market places The debris has been swept clean But the atoms of uranium keep poisoning: These can not be seen. Legacy of the Gulf War by Dawn Joyce In 1975 after Gough Whitlam turned a blind … Continue reading