Rights to the streets, housing …

Hamish Chitts talking against the war in Afghanistan at Community speak-out at the Lizard in West End circa 2009

Andy (PShift) and Corey (Earth Show, 3CR) talk with Jono Sri (Greens councillor on Brisbane City Council) talk about affordable housing in Brisbane and elsewhere. Highlight the need for direct action at places like the ABSOE site in West End which developers wish to turn into West Village, a high rise, high density shopping haven.

Jono talked up the need for poorer people to have access to housing and the risks to ordinary people involved in having the housing bubble burst. He said that the Greens are opposed to negative gearing (interesting given revelations this week that the leader of the Greens, Richard Di Natale, is heavily into negative gearing).


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Rights to the streets, housing …

Four theses on ‘green bans’ and the contemporary right to the city]

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