Judith Wright festival at Mt Tamborine

Humphrey mcQueens recent discussion of her contributions begins.. ‘… with love and fury’ is how the environmentalist, feminist, historian, literary critic, poet and secretary of the Treaty Committee, Judith Wright, often signed off her letters to friends. Love and fury are how all who care for Australia should respond to the centenary of Wright’s birth … Continue reading Judith Wright festival at Mt Tamborine

Hillary Bling

Climate change and Hillary Clinton http://media.cagle.com/82/2016/04/07/177826_600.jpg There aren’t a lot of certainties left in the US presidential race, but here’s one thing about which we can be absolutely sure: the Clinton camp really doesn’t like talking about fossil-fuel money. Last week, when a young Greenpeace campaigner challenged Hillary Clinton about taking money from fossil-fuel companies, … Continue reading Hillary Bling