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  1. I’ve always wondered how anyone can claim slam is a religion of peace when Islamic countries are invariably hell-holes. I notice at least a few people (see ‘Stop the wars from which refugees have fled’) are finally coming to the conclusion that rather than get all worked up about illegal immigrants, boat people or whatever, a far better solution would be fixing problems in the countries from which refugees feel the need to leave. Doing so would be infinitely more cost-effective than re-housing umpty zillion people, it would be vastly more humane as people’s lives and family relationships wouldn’t be disrupted. The only losers would be yankee armament manufacturers. Personally I don’t give a rats about their welfare.

  2. Reasons for conflict ... says:


    You should know all about colonisation, about US and Mexican military terrorism.

    Your family was slaughtered by the Mexican army (sic)!

    In the Middle East, who is it that steals oil from the ground?

    O warrior, what would you recommend?

    Relentless revenge that Apache conducted in the 19th century?

    Or, after five long years of war (in Syria), to sue for peace?

    A war that never knew its beginning … 
    a war dreaming of an end

    We are talking about people here, not religious fanatics like Archbishop George Pell.


  3. Its the height of insanity that the sheeple have been convinced they have a moral responsibility to illegal immigrants, boat people or whatever when the real reason half the world’s population is on the move is the utter avarice of warmongers. Those who choose to profiteer from war are the ones who should be compelled to pay for the consequences, not the little people who for one reason or another lack the nous to realize they are being got at. All political parties and aid organizations are complicit in this con … all of them know full well who is pulling the strings but none of them have the gumption to expose the perpetuators. In my books that makes all politicians and all aid organizations (including that deceptive and blatantly fundraising tribe Amnesty International) every bit as guilty as the likes of Radeon and McDonnell Douglas

  4. Bury my heart ... says:


    “a moral responsibility to illegal immigrants”?

    We are all illegal, aren’t we?

    The English colonisers took the land on the basis of a lie – ‘terra nullius‘?

    Aborigine = (ab) from (origine) the beginning [latin]

    And what has been left to the tribes who own the land?

    As the poet says of your brothers and sisters, the Sioux, in defeat:

           I shall not be there
           I shall rise and pass
           Bury my heart at Wounded Knee


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