Support Petition to Change the Date of JJJ Hottest 100

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Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown is held on January 26th, the date marking the invasion of the First Fleet in 1788. The British flag was raised in Sydney Cove for the first time and this date is now celebrated as “Australia Day”.

While this day is full of fun-in-the-sun, flag-waving celebrations for mainstream Australia, many are unaware that it is a marker of the brutal invasion of land, the beginning of a long history of genocide in this country and a date regarded by First Nations communities as a day of mourning.

Celebrations on this date, including the widespread Hottest 100 parties encouraged by Triple J, are disrespectful and exclusive of First Nations people. For 228 years these communities have suffered the widespread murder and theft of their people and their land, with survivors facing incarceration, slavery, continued removals of their children and institutionalised racism to this day.

Every year on January 26th, Australia celebrates the invasion that led to this genocide. Every year there are First Nations communities calling out for recognition of their sovereignty, their struggle and the exclusionary nature of these celebrations.

It is time for Triple J to change the date, to take a lead in listening to First Nations people, to recognise the history of this land and stop taking pride in an anniversary marking genocide.

Sign this petition and share with the hashtags #hottest100 #noprideingenocide #changethedate #triplej


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