A Common Wealth of Words

Kath Walker's appearance at the Commonwealth Writers festival was not without controversy, some activists argued that Kath should have boycotted the Writers Festival. Not long after, the 1982 Commonwealth Games protests brought the attention of the whole world to the form of apartheid practiced by the Bjelke-Petersen government in Queensland. This discussion by the Commonwealth poets is interesting in the light of subsequent events during the 1982 Commonwealth Games. While few were concerned about what poets said at the writers festival, it was a different story when it came to disrupting a sporting event - then, 'the whole world was watching'.

From the Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter

Fifty Years of Activist Art by Emory Douglas #BlackLivesMatter—the movement, not just the hashtag—is the most significant broad-based human rights coalition for black Americans since the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. The struggle today could not be fought in its current iterations without the contributions of artist Emory Douglas and others who illuminated hidden ugly … Continue reading From the Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter