Fracking our National Parks?

Dont Frack the NTThere are plans to frack for shale gas in Watarrka (Kings Canyon) National Park, in the Northern Territory.

Watarrka is a rugged and beautiful place, a sacred significant landscape for the Traditional Owners, and an international tourist icon for Australia.But in the Northern Territory, not all National Parks are protected from mining, and Palatine Energy has applied for a fracking licence over Watarrka, with a decision due from the NT Government.

The Traditional Owners of Watarrka are so worried about the risks of fracking, they’ve travelled all the way to Canberra today to call on Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, to intervene urgently and protect the Park.

Please join them in asking Greg Hunt to protect this special place and cultural treasure.

Kings CanyonTraditional Owner Anslem Impu Senior, has told us, “Money come and go, but these places, these stories, they were here with the old people, they’re still here. You mine in here, it’s all lost… Our dreamings cover all this place, it’s not thin, it’s wide“.

Traditional Owner Marjorie Bradon said, “Tourists, we love the tourist, they’ve been invited to come in and see this country. We don’t invite the miners, the oil men“.

Watarrka Traditional Owner Julie Clyne had a clear message in Canberra today, “I don’t want to see mining in the Park. That’ll be breaking our spirit, drilling into that land. Especially Watarrka, we want it untouched, untouched by miners“.

And Hubert Pareroultja sent a message directly to Greg Hunt, saying, “If he doesn’t understand how special this place is, leave the office, come speak with us on our country, we’ll show him”.

Watarrka, Kings Canyon, is far too special to risk with dangerous oil and gas fracking.

Please add your voice to those of the Traditional Owners who have travelled so far to protect this country.

We have to save Watarrka.

Yours sincerely,

Tanya Hall

Central Australian Frack Free Alliance

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