Just Peace Qld supports the Brisbane Peoples Climate March

“The Paris Climate Summit is, in a sense, a peace summit — perhaps the most important peace summit that has ever been held.”

Join us at Queens Park, corner of Elizabeth and George street in the Brisbane CBD, at 9:30am on Saturday 28th November, as we stand together for a better, safer, and fairer future for all.

“The Paris Climate Summit is, in a sense, a peace summit — perhaps the most important peace summit that has ever been held.”


Paris – these words will touch you all. Please share and acknowledge the source with respect.


There are times when words are hard to come by, and when you find them they feel inadequate. But words can be important, to make sure we still find our way toward a just and livable future, so I’m writing you from France with a heavy heart.

Following Friday’s attacks in Paris, the mood here is tense. People are angry, and many are afraid. I am heartbroken — for the lives lost in Paris, and also for those lost in Beirut and Baghdad, which also suffered devastating attacks in the past few days.

The events of Friday night were horrific, and we must all clearly and unequivocally condemn such violence. Their aftermath has also been frightening, however, and we should stand in equal condemnation of the instinct to meet violence with more violence. It is a cycle as old as it is ugly: after tragedy comes the rush to judgement, the scapegoating, the xenophobia and Islamophobia, the blame.

Many people are using this moment to call for solidarity and love. I want to add my voice to theirs. We want to add our voices to theirs.

If there is a thing we must resist, it is our own hatred and short-sightedness. No government should use a moment like this to increase the burden of hatred and fear in the world — sowing suspicion, calling for war, and reducing people’s civil liberties in the name of security. This is a mistake we’ve seen too often before, compounding tragedy with more tragedy.

From what we know, the Paris Climate Summit, scheduled to begin in just a couple of weeks, will proceed. The government is promising heightened security measures, which is fully understandable but also worrisome.

This tragedy should not be used to crack down on activists, who are trying to make this summit the kind of moment the world so desperately needs — a global coming together, across borders and cultures, against a common existential threat.

The Paris Climate Summit is, in a sense, a peace summit — perhaps the most important peace summit that has ever been held.

We don’t yet know what Friday night’s events mean for our work. In the coming days, we will be meeting with the other organizations that make up the coalition of civil society groups organizing around the summit, and we’ll update you as we know more.

Here in France and elsewhere, we can take hope in each other: in a network of people practicing love and solidarity, and in a global movement that crosses boundaries and transcends cultural differences.

Thank you, with all of my heart, for being part of that.

With love, determination and solidarity,

Nico, France Campaigner

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