So why are they bombing Syria, thousands ask?

'Our fight will be merciless' 
                 - Francois Hollande, 
                   President of Fifth Republic 
                   of France
l'horreur a Paris
L’horreur à notre porte !! Horror on our doorstep (Paris 14 Nov 2015)

Someone threw down their bedsheets to cover the bodies. Too afraid to go out.

Queensland LNP member for Moggill called for the re-introduction of the death penalty for terrorists in state parliament on Wednesday.

No point, the terrorists are shot dead on the spot.

ABC journo, Alana Abramson, asked this of the person who took the picture from his window:

@5h55 Je suis avec @ABC . Avez-vous pris cette photo/pouvons-nous utiliser pour les partenaires/plates-formes? Vous créditera-Fais attention

[ I’m with . Did you take this picture / can we use for partners/platforms? Will credit you – be careful]

At least Alana asked.

Everyone has an angle, the journalist and the member of parliament, even when l’horreur à total, aye.

So why are they bombing Syria, thousands ask?

Ian Curr
14 November 2015

14 thoughts on “So why are they bombing Syria, thousands ask?

    1. Saturday, November 28
      at 12:30pm
      1 Treasury Place
      Melbourne, Australia 3002

      The vile fascist group, the ‘United Patriots Front’, has announced a rally, this Saturday at Treasury Place.

      The UPF delusionally think that after the counter rallies last weekend, anti-racists will just let them stroll into the centre of Melbourne to spread their hate and racism.

      This despicable group cannot be allowed on the streets of this city.

      The Campaign Against Racism and Fascism will hold a snap rally against the UPF at the Treasury Place end of Treasury Gardens from 12:30pm this Saturday.

      We encourage anti-racists of all stripes to head down to Treasury Gardens and oppose anti-Muslim racism, fascism and far-right violence.

      There is also an ‘Anti-Racist Dance Party’ that has been called from 11am, which intends to blast all the “Aussie classics from artists who have come out against these racist groups and have banned them from playing their songs at their racist rallies!”

      We also note and encourage people to support the Stop the Forced Closures Rally from 3:30pm on Friday:

      Please SHARE this event and INVITE everyone you know!


  1. [PN: Darkness and denial here]

    Iraq invasion saves the US from Paris killings

    Who’s to blame for Paris?
    Otto Reich served Reagan and the two Bushes in foreign affairs, including the 2002 attempted coup in Venezuela.

    ‘I can defend the invasion of Iraq. What did the invasion of Iraq do? It caused all of the people who would’ve otherwise come and attacked us and killed Americans on our soil – it caused them to go to Iraq and die there. That may sound very brutal, or whatever, …
    New Yorker, 26 October 2015p. 29


  2. The timing of mass murders in Paris was perverse
     … on Friday 13th, immediately before G20 and two 
    weeks till Paris Climate Summit! 
    Here is one opinion regarding the timing:

    The Paris Climate Summit is just a couple of weeks away. Some months ago I comment “What is the fossil fuel industry going to do to divert attention away from action on global warming – another war??”

    The fossil fuel industry has trillions $$ to lose, and are already seeing massive right-downs of their assets. They are lobbying heavily for watered down outcomes.

    Is it not in their interests to scuttle this conference or at least delay it? What better way than to fund agents to act as terrorists to shut down Paris? At the very least by supplying arms to ISIS!!

    Even now if the Summit goes ahead, the level of security will actively work against those NGOs and poor countries lobbying for strong action. Either way, the fossil fuel industry would win to some extent.


    1. Australia is “to consider” joining a coalition with France, US, UK, Turkey and the Gulf States to illegally establish a petrodollar-loyal (nominally “Kurdish”) colony for East Syria and North Iraq before China joins the coalition of Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah. The petrodollar coalition would assist anti-Russian Chechen and anti-China Uyghur “moderate” terrorists and US-aligned Kurds to establish a territory through which a petrodollar pipeline can pass from the Gulf countries to Europe through Syria.


    2. Former French Prime Minister François Fillon said that French authorities should have worked with Russia rather than stop cooperation with it, and that they should have also worked with Iran and to accept a degree of cooperation with Damascus, asserting that the war on terrorism cannot be won without cooperating with Damascus.
      In the same context, former Prime Minister Alain Juppé said that priorities now dictate that ISIS must be crushed, and afterwards one can see how to carry out reconciliation among Syrians, stressing the need to clarify the goals of the international alliance fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, describing the (NATO-Gulf States) alliance’s performance thus far as ineffective.


      1. Hello Ray,

        It seems to me that Russian airforce and military presence in Syria represents a major shift in Middle East affairs.

        The US may have to switch sides again (sic).

        The CIA may no longer be able to support the people they armed (Al Qaeda et al) against the Syrian government.

        If you go back before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Americans could not act without taking into account how the Kremlin would respond. Also, in the absence of the USSR, Israel was at liberty to arm proxies to fight its opponents As it is doing now to bring down the Syrian government.

        It is true that in the 1980s the Americans and Israelis could run the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) out of Lebanon by using the Christian Phalange and other proxies.

        But now the situation has changed with ISIS trying to fight an ongoing war against Hezbollah in Lebanon. Without being able to defeat Hezbollah militarily, ISIS has resorted to using suicide and car bombs in the predominantly Shia neighbourhood of Burj al-Barajneh in Beirut with terrible loss of life. Not that different to Paris. Their objectives are the same in both places. To turn the people against Hezbollah in Lebanon and to turn the french people against Francois Hollande in France.

        Now, in recent times the Palestinian Authority (PA) has informed on its own people in the West Bank. This continues today with the arrest and detention of Palestinians opposing the occupation.

        Now the Russians are in Syria, the Palestinian resistance can obtain weapons, they can resist brutal Israeli occupation.

        So Mahmoud Abbas may have re-think his position and break off the PA’s complicity with the occupation.

        The Oslo Accord either comes to an end or gets re-shaped.

        in solidarity,
        Ian Curr
        17 Nov 2015

        Black September in Jordan

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      2. Yes, it seems that the U.S. is being forced closer to the Russian position in the wake of the attacks in France.

        The Russian intelligence analysis of the 40 nations funding the ISIS terror machine were relayed to diplomats attending the G20 summit – but were not released to the media, nor the general public.

        Putin would rather they turn over a new leaf rather than bask in their embarrassment.

        It’s not blackmail, it’s just a warning they should stop fostering terrorism for their own good.


  3. Grassroots humanity frequently breaks the bonds of violent tribalism in working for a common interest, but there are powerful and wealthy sponsors of warfare who foster ethnic and sectarian conflicts for the interests of the wealthy and powerful rulers.

    Only a few years ago there was harmony between the multitude of sects and tribes in Syria that was destroyed by the scheming of the Muslim Brotherhood and its sponsors in Qatar and Turkey, and by al-CIA-da and its sponsors in Saudi Arabia and NATO.

    Only 130 years ago Jews were one of the myriad ethnicities that had a much better relationship with their neighbors all over the Muslim world than they experienced in Europe for the preceding millennia, and that was destroyed by the scheming of British and Zionist settler-colonialist ideologues.

    Education is the only way to preserve humanity from evil schemes. If those young minds that have been captured by Takfiri and Zionist ideologies had not been indoctrinated with violent and devilish ideologies that pretend that the spiritual quest is for violent conquest and the killing of anyone of a different belief, and instead taught that the spiritual quest is for metaphysical conquest of the alienated ego, and if this discernment between true and false spiritual values was widely taught, then peaceful and constructive harmony would reign between people, tribes, sects, religions and countries.



  4. Around the clock, every single day, Saudi cruise missiles and bombs are being lobbed at Yemen. Schools, hospitals, mosques, and homes are being destroyed. At the same time that this massive bombing continues, soldiers from the United Arab Emirates and Sudan have invaded the country. Over 7,000 people are dead, as fighting continues. The war has been going on without pause since January of 2015, but Western media is almost completely silent about it. As France enters yet another period of mourning, Lebanon is just emerging from one. Not that you probably heard anything about it… Like suspicions around the attacks in France, the bombings in Beirut are believed to be in response to Hezbollah’s decision in recent weeks to send in troops to support efforts in northern Syria against Islamic State.
    But the bombings in Lebanon drew no tweet from Malcolm Turnbull, no social media statement from Barack Obama, no live media blogs from Western media, no wall-to-wall media coverage. And no twitter hashtags from Australians in solidarity with the Lebanese.
    It’s a curious state of affairs, when you consider that there are around three times as many people of Lebanese descent living in Australian, compared to French nationals. You’d think if we were able to identify with anyone, it would be with Lebanese Australians – after all, so many of them are among the most beloved in this nation, and have contributed enormously to public life…
    Or more to the point, how do we explain our indifference to the suffering of people we perceive as different, Lebanese, African, Hazara, Muslim…
    The sad reality is, Australia has been here before, and just 11 months ago. A few days before the Charlie Hebdo massacre, terrorist organisation Boko Haram razed the town of Baja in Nigeria, killing more than 2,000 people. The world’s media – and most of its politicians – were mostly silent. Last month, at least another 30 people were killed in another attack on Nigerian mosques by Boko Haram.
    That followed 10 people killed in a coordinated attack near the Maiduguri Airport, again by Boko Haram. In Islamabad Pakistan, at least 20 people were killed in a suicide attack on minority Shias. That came a day after 12 were killed in an attack on another Shia shrine, this time in the province of Balochistan. In September, at least 117 people were killed at a mosque in Nigeria, again at the hands of Boko Haram. The simple fact is, Muslims are far more likely to die at the hands of other Muslims – or more to the point, Islamic extremists who bear no resemblance to average Muslims. They’re also more likely to be killed by Westerners, who are seeking to kill Islamic extremists. The difference is, they’re unlikely to see an outpouring of grief in Australia, or most of the rest of the world. But unlike Parisians, they already live in a state of perpetual terror. That’s why many of them have fled the Middle East for Europe.


  5. The simple fact is, Muslims are far more likely to die at the hands of other Muslims – or more to the point, Islamic extremists who bear no resemblance to average Muslims. They’re also more likely to be killed by Westerners, who are seeking to kill Islamic extremists. The difference is, they’re unlikely to see an outpouring of grief in Australia, or most of the rest of the world. But unlike Parisians, they already live in a state of perpetual terror. That’s why many of them have fled the Middle East for Europe… The sad reality is that these attacks will increase. You can’t stop five or eight people with a gun and a twisted ideology, just as you can’t stop an American or Australian military with a commercial, strategic and political interest in slaughter.
    Westerners are finally being given just a small taste of the constant fear that people from other nations have endured for generations. So solidarity with, and compassion for, the French is a good thing. But solidarity and compassion for the victims of terrorism everywhere is even better, in particular those who’ve fallen victim to the terrorism sponsored in all our names.


  6. I have no doubt yankee armament manufacturers make a tidy profit out of all the wars, conflicts and terrorism the moronic afro-american and his equally deluded cohorts inflict on the western world.

    Add to that the wargames in search of cheap oil and its blatantly obvious that the love of money IS the root of all evil wherever the Great Satan seeks to impose its will.

    The fact that yankee profiteering displaces millions of refugees, the cost of re-homing of whom falls on some other mugs, gets nary a mention, in fact the flames of dissent against the treatment of the zillions of aliens are intentionally fanned in order to distract the attention of the sheeple from the REAL reason there are refugee issues in so many countries.

    Personally there is absolutely nothing I appreciate about islamic culture, but that said, I have no difficulty comprehending why islamics detest the west.

    I venture to say that if the west had demonstrated the foresight to not mess with their countries, the refugee problem wouldn’t exist.. Note that every one of the untold number of rockets and bombs costs taxpayers around a million dollars apiece.

    Just think how much good could be done with the money squandered on one or two of those things.


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