MAY 15 : Al Nakba Brisbane Anniversary – Vigil & March

May 15th 1948 marks the day over 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes and made refugees.

In 1948, the establishment of the Israeli state in Palestine through violent ethnic cleansing not only forced Palestinians from their homes, but also led to massacres of indigenous populations and the destruction of villages.

Following expulsion, some Palestinians moved to the West Bank or Gaza Strip, whilst others chose neighbouring Arab countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. The Palestinian refugees fleed their homes thinking they would be back within a few weeks, they did not know that 67 years on, they are still waiting for their internationally recognised right to return.

After 67 years we have not forgotten this right of return, we have not forgotten the bloodshed, and we certainly have not forgotten Palestine.

Join us to commemorate 67 years since the Nakba (catastrophe) befell not only Palestinians but humanity as a whole, May 15th, 5:30PM King George Square.

Supported by Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy (BASE).

For more information contact: Brett on 0488 741761 or Emad on 0424264750

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  1. Flash mob in Melbourne ... says:

    A flash mob massed in an Australian city square to highlight the 67th anniversary of ‘Nakba’, the Palestinian “Day of Catastrophe”, a period when Palestinian people were forced from their land as a result of the creation of Israel.

    City Square, Melbourne
    Friday, May 8, 2015

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