Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory

In the general election, Workers’ Liberty is supporting the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory, which combines fighting to throw out the Tories with working for labour movement pressure on the Labour Party to win working-class demands, as well as getting a clear socialist – class-struggle, internationalist, pro-migrant – message out there.

We are calling on all socialists and those who want to see a fighting labour movement to support the campaign. You can read more about it here And here What you can do:
* Add your or your organisation’s name to the SCLV statement (text below)
* Put a motion to your trade union branch or organisation and invite a speaker
* Order or print and copy SCLV materials like posters to use in the run up to the election * Organise a meeting, street stall or other activity.
* Like the Facebook page and invite friends If you want more information about the campaign, email Many thanks *** SOCIALIST CAMPAIGN FOR A LABOUR VICTORY
* To see a list of supporters and sign statement, see here Another Tory government – ruling by themselves, with the Lib Dems or, worst of all, in coalition with UKIP – would be a disaster for the working class. As socialists, we want a Labour victory, not because we support Labour’s current position – a softer version of austerity and anti-migrant politics – but to throw out the Coalition, and because Labour is linked to workers’ basic organisations, trade unions. If the unions choose to fight, they can change Labour’s direction. We don’t want to “hold our noses” and vote Labour as a lesser evil.
We want to combine campaigning for a Labour government with making clear working-class demands, to boost working-class confidence, and strengthen and transform our labour movement so it is fit to fight. We must challenge the idea that the working class should pay for the capitalist crisis through increased inequality, lower pay, job insecurity, workplace stress, draconian ‘performance management’ and cuts to services.
The labour movement should be championing every working-class fightback against the bosses’ drive to squeeze more and more profit out of our work and our lives. In place of the dog-eat-dog, exploiting society of capitalism, we socialists are fighting for a world of collective ownership, equality and sustainable planning for people’s needs, not profit. We want to spread these ideas in the working class and among young people. A socialist transformation of society is not immediately on the cards. Socialism is only possible when a majority of workers are convinced and organised to make it happen.
But if we work to strengthen the left and working-class struggles, and reinject socialist ideas into political debate, we can push Labour to shift course and deliver at least some positive changes for the working class. Whether on the Living Wage or the NHS, free education or zero hours contracts, rail renationalisation or fracking, we need to up the pressure on Labour. We need to advocate radical policies like reversing all cuts, taxing the rich and taking the banks into democratic public ownership. The labour movement should aim for a government that serves the working class as the Coalition serves the rich.
We are fighting for democracy in the Labour Party so that working-class voices, muffled by the New Labour machine and union bureaucracy, can be heard. We need a labour movement responsive and accessible to the working class in all its diversity, fighting bigotry and oppression. We oppose Labour’s shameful accommodation to anti-migrant agitation by UKIP and other right-wingers. British and migrant workers have the same interests. We support freedom of movement and equal rights for all. We want working-class solidarity across Europe and the world.
In the run up to the election, we are building a network of socialists to carry out this fight. Help us, get involved!
* To see a list of supporters and sign statement, see here — 07796 690 874

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