Solidarity with Greek Political Prisoners

To the Editor: We were hoping for the possibility of you posting the below article as a means to further propagate the current ongoing struggle inside and outside the Greek prison system since March 2nd, 2015.

On April 1st, a call was put out for an International Day of Solidarity with the Greek Hunger Strikers. This is a minimal token of our solidarity; again trying to propagate further, a struggle that we see is of value to us all. Below you will find a sort summary of the hunger strike, and a link to English broadcast on the struggle from the Greek radio station 98fm:While the international mass-media focuses its coverage solely on the economic elite ruling Greece, as of March 2nd political prisoners are carrying out a hunger strike against the totalitarian framework which has been established (especially) over recent years, the fixed state of emergency in society through which passes the physical and political termination of those who resist these actions, as well as the detainment of their relatives. Incarcerated anarchists and combative prisoners in the galleys of democracy have once again decided to clash with the Power and its laws, using hunger strike and abstention from prison food as weapons of their struggle.

The demands of their fight are: The elimination of special prison conditions and of high security prisons (type C). The abolition of anti-terrorist laws (Articles 187 and 187A) and all special provisions, emergency measures and courts applied against militants. The repeal of the law on concealment features in demonstrations (better known as the ‘hoodie-law’), and all special repressive laws adopted against demonstrations and social-class struggles and the abolition of taking DNA samples and unscientific methods as evidence.

English broadcast from Greek radio station 98fm:

Faced with this rapidly developing situation, and while waiting for further updates, let us not forget that what we fight for is the total destruction of the State/Capital, and that struggles for partial demands are used as a means of destabilization to this end, not as an end in itself; otherwise, there’s always the danger of being assimilated into reformism.

As far as we are concerned, we stand in solidarity with the struggle of political prisoners and hunger-strikers, recognizing that this is part of the struggle against state repression and capitalist restructuring, against the treaty itself of incarceration and the exemption status. And it is part of the wider global struggle for social liberation, for social revolution and the creation of a world of equality, solidarity and freedom.

Anarchists in solidarity

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