Reclaiming the Real Australia

Things Islam is not a threat to:

There’s been a lot of incredible claims from the Reclaim camp, including a situation where someone provided supportive pages with evidence that Shermon had pretended to receive a letter claiming the left hates ANZACs and likes to desecrate their graves and shrines, a letter he read out to an outpouring of fury and threats.

He’s been very active in trying to identify people who run pages opposing him, and has several times posted what he thought were people’s personal details, in order to get an angry mob started, and then pulled them down before Facebook can act. His followers have filed fake reports against our pages to get them pulled down.

Every step of the way, they’ve sought to silence any voices speaking against them, by abusing the systems of Facebook and making direct threats of violence.

We were also surprised to see that some of our politicians seemed to support their aims.

People such as. Andrew Laming, Jacqui Lambi, Cory Bernadi, George Christensen, and Bronwyn Bishop.

At some point in time each of these people made public statements against the wearing of a Burqa or halal certification.

As well, Craig Kelly used a picture of Christian Copt girls at their First Communion to Illustrate a story of child marriage which he incorrectly claimed was an Islamic practice.

Statements which unfortunately seemed to inflame people unnecessarily. We know that Shermon has belonged to neo Nazi groups. In fact, a neo Nazi group creates his videos. He is a member of the Australia Defence League, an extremist group that has seen members sent to prison for inciting violence. He is also infamous for his band, Eureka Brigade, and their songs advocating killing refugees and so on.

We are at a loss to understand why anyone thinks he’s a picture of traditional family values, in fact, he has a long history of belonging to extremist groups, Reclaim Australia is his attempt at a make over to attract popular appeal. However, his guest speakers are all extremists on the lunatic fringe, and that seems to typify his group.

Ultimately, he’s exploiting a fear and uncertainty that exists because we all know terrorism exists, and some people don’t have the experience or wisdom to place these things in a logical context, and find it easy to assume that all Muslims are out to kill them. We certainly understand their fear, and the thought processes that lead to it, but it’s a real pity that so many people have been caught up in this web of fear and lies and not stopped to think logically about the claims being made. The actual demands of the march are impossible, without overthrowing the constitution, because they require an end of freedom of religion in Australia, they essentially require Islam to be illegal.

We looked at their various posts designed to portray Muslims in a negative way, and answered with positive stories, pointing out the impossibility of instituting sharia law, as it would be against the constitution, that halal certification helped the Australian economy, and that the negative stories they were posting about Islam were either cultural – not Islamic, or had no relevance to Australia or Australian Muslims.

Finally our aim now and in the future is to show that Australia is a multcultural country and that we welcome and embrace people of all races, colours. and religions.

The marches claim to be only about extremism, but we have screenshots of Shermon abusing people for suggesting there are moderate Muslims and they share plenty of memes suggesting that the extremist carries the bomb, and the moderate lights the fuse and cheers.

Shermon at one point suggested Muslims would be welcome, if they carried a sign saying they were a Muslim but they rejected the Quran.

This is clearly an incredible suggestion, as is the idea that anyone would march with a group that wants to destroy their way of life, but it seems logical to them that anyone who does not accept, is a terrorist ( they actually said this ).

Our page is here: If you need any other material ( like examples of the threats we’ve received, or for us to dig some things out of the page, if there’s specific things you’d like to see ), just let us know. Here are a few links to specific items you may find interesting Shermon wants another Cronulla: 73741827.575480505929793/620318848112625/?type=1 PDLA threatening to kill Muslims: 73741827.575480505929793/619869788157531/?type=1

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