QANTAS bans passenger for supporting asylum seekers

Listen to 2GB interview with passenger who walked off plane carrying asylum seeker. Note the weak position taken by 2GB interviewer: "It does not matter was your position on asylum seekers is ..." It clearly does matter because QANTAS is supporting government deportation of asylum seekers by flying them out of the country. Ben Fordham … Continue reading QANTAS bans passenger for supporting asylum seekers

Greece: Syriza and the ‘troika’

[PN: This month from the Vanguard. Please note, KKE = Communist Party of Greece] Greece is a developed country long dominated by imperialism, and in recent times, particularly by the economic domination of European imperialism expressed through Germany and the ‘troika’ with their austerity measures which impose great suffering on the people. The 'troika' consists of … Continue reading Greece: Syriza and the ‘troika’