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Palestine 2015 Asian Cup

Palestine will play in its first top-tier international football tournament in Australia five weeks from now. Palestine qualified after Ashraf Al Fawaghra kicked a brilliant long-range goal to clinch the 1-0 final against The Philippines in the Asian Football Confederation … Continue reading

‘Welcome to Brisbane, Ferals’ – a reflection on the G20

couiermailfrontpage[PN: Very good summary of the week that was G20 in Brisbane, the people’s resistance – thnx andy]

It’s now over two weeks since the summit and I think I’m still trying to get over those (angry) feelings. But in the big scheme of things, the G20 is nothing – two days where world leaders get together to talk? Does anybody actually believe that what happens at the summit affects anything? Capitalism doesn’t come from 20 people, it is a way of organising society that affects every moment of our lives. And it is over a lifetime, not a weekend, that we need to struggle for a better world. Which people have always done and will continue to do. The world leaders, helicopters and bullet-proof fences are gone from Brisbane, the media have forgotten the G20 and gone looking for the next big story. But we are still here, with the challenge in front of us of trying to create the world we want to live in.


I can’t remember the first time I found out the G20 would be in Brisbane. That in itself says something. We’re not in the mid-2000’s any more, when leaders summits like this were the focus of the anti-globalisation movement. I never went to an anti-summit rally back then, and it seems like the activist world has moved on from that moment and tactic, exhilarating though some of the summits might have been.

Still, I can remember a couple of years ago, talking about what we could do, and people starting to call meetings and form groups for planning.

But it was not the activists who were the ones leading the discussion. Last October, the state government presented us with the extraordinary G20 Safety and Security Act, a set of laws breathtaking in how overwhelming and dangerously vague they were, giving police unbelievable powers.

In December the right-wing media got in…

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Morrison Dishonouring Work Rights Deal-already

Work rights for asylum seekers not guaranteed The agreement on work rights for people on bridging visas (BV), made during discussions on the Caseload Legacy Bill, now risks being dishonoured. This is an excerpt from the letter being circulated from … Continue reading