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The politics of fear

Thoughtful article with a song to help combat the ‘politics of fear’. Thnx Andy.
Ian Curr
October 2014


Once upon a time fear was a gift from nature – it triggered our “fight or flight” mechanism, vital to keeping us alive. Especially when we lived in a less built up world where every day we faced things tht could kill us.

It seems to me though that most of our fears these days have very little to do with “fight or flight” and keeping us alive. In fact, I think that most of our fears these days are completely manufactured to serve particular interests. Like for instance the constant fears that we’re not beautiful enough, don’t own the right clothes or car, fears that other people are having more fun than us, fear that if we don’t insure everything we own and our life, one day something will happen and our entire existence will amount to nothing.

The advertising industry has as long as it’s existed cultivated fear…

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Post Colonialism?

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Since the recent Anti-Colonial Anarchism or Decolonization poster went viral I’ve been privileged, as the poster’s maker, to take part in several conversations it has provoked. In multiple instances, I’ve seen statements from euro-american people who don’t like being called … Continue reading


Kid’s Zone Child Minding Request for Resources

BrisCAN-G20 is offering child minding services at the Peoples’ Summit. This will comprise a ‘Kid’s Zone’ space in West End that will allow Peoples’ Summit attendees to leave their children in a safe child friendly space while they focus on … Continue reading


Photos of Nursery Camp on Nauru

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Dear Friends of Refugees In a few hours the High Court will make the decision which may lead to the Australian Government being able to claim that babies who are born in immigration detention facilities being deemed “unauthorized maritime arrivals” … Continue reading