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Commencement of Bridging E Visa (BVE) grants for finally determined illegal maritime arrivals (IMAs). Good afternoon,I am writing to you today with the 28th community update.

Commencement of Bridging E Visa (BVE) grants for finally determined illegal maritime arrivals (IMAs).

It has been a long standing government policy position that if a person is not successful in being granted a visa to remain in Australia, they need to depart. This also applies to IMAs.

IMAs who have been found not to engage Australia’s protection obligations through a primary assessment and independent review are known as finally determined. Where they have no outstanding immigration or legal matters, they are expected to depart Australia.

The department is actively engaging with finally determined IMAs in the community, consistent with the status resolution approach that the department currently uses to manage non-IMA cases in the community.

Short validity BVE grants commenced on 16 July 2014, initially with a small number of IMAs who will remain in the community while they are given opportunity to cooperate in resolving their immigration status. For most, this will involve departure from Australia and assistance will be provided to support them to leave and to reintegrate in their home country.

Appropriate conditions will be placed on bridging visas to set clear expectations for cooperation and encourage IMAs to actively progress their departure arrangements. Finally determined IMAs will be provided with clear information concerning their circumstances as well as timeframes and milestones that they are expected to meet.

The approach will be tailored to individual circumstances, where possible, and the immigration officer managing the case will determine the appropriate action.

IMAs who have ongoing immigration or legal matters will be given time for these to be resolved. Those who do not have ongoing matters will be given every opportunity and assistance through the International Organization for Migration (IOM), to depart lawfully and voluntarily.

People who do not comply with their bridging visa conditions and departmental requests may have departure enforced through removal from Australia.

IMAs who are currently in community detention (CD) will similarly receive clear messaging about expectations for their cooperation with arranging their departure. Some finally determined IMAs may be moved from CD into the community on a BVE, depending on their circumstances.

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  1. Change of Time for Vigil says:

    Dear Folks,

    We have become aware that the Refuge Action Collective (http://www.rac-qld.org) have also organised a vigil in support of asylum seekers. This will be at 5.00pm on Friday (18 July) in King George Square, Brisbane. Therefore a vigil will not be taking place tomorrow and I look forward to seeing as many people as possible on Friday afternoon,


    Sean O’Reilly

    Place: King George Square, Brisbane.
    5.00pm, 18 July.

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