Invitation to Pilliga Protection Camp Culture Week

Here is the information regarding the Pilliga Protection Culture Week.

Attached is the flyer and map of location for the culture ceremony to be held at the Pilliga Protection Camp this Saturday the 16th of November. For those who cannot attend on this day, there will be culture events, workshops, actions (picnics) and the development of strategies running until Sunday the 24th of November.
The workshops will be held by Elders from Country on language, bush tucker etc as well as Ecology Information talks by people such as David Paull and Anthony from Bilby Blooms.

For further information on Culture Week please contact Uncle Paul Spearim on: or 0416069788

As our Knitting Nanna Pat advised “the Pilliga is the recharge for the Great Artesian Basin (GAB). The destruction must stop here.”

And at the proposed processing plant planned for Narrabri to be up and running by 2015 (see AGL map attached).

If we have the numbers we block the roads and sites under threat. CSG and the destruction of the GAB will stop here!

We are aiming for 10,000 protectors by the end of the year. Please send this on to all of your networks.

We look forward to meeting you all.

In unity,
the Gomeroi Pilliga Protection Camp Crew.

For general enquiries and direction please phone Camp: 0455 945 245
Fresh fruit, vegetables and water essential.

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