CFMEU: Discrimination not acceptable

THE first sitting of the new federal parliament will see the Abbott government move to reinstate the Australian Building and Construction Commission. This should be of concern to the community: these laws, which don't apply to any other sector of the workforce, discriminate against construction workers. The government apparently believes that discrimination against blue-collar workers … Continue reading CFMEU: Discrimination not acceptable

Race in the dock

herewith are two alice springs narratives. the first is relative to the tommy mission and santa teresa whilst the second deals with an article from inside story written by kieran finnane who writes of a court case arising from the death of a white man by two aboriginal young men. during this narrative she makes … Continue reading Race in the dock

‘Shiraz’ – the making of the Taj Mahal

Film Review: Shiraz - silent film made by Franz Osten and Himansu Rai in 1928  "Not hands but heart built this / Which stands like a dream" When we were kids our dad would quote Rudyard Kipling in the shower (or was it a ballard influenced by Kipling). I didn’t know much about Rudyard Kipling … Continue reading ‘Shiraz’ – the making of the Taj Mahal