Baiame Spiritual & Cultural Revival Festival

Baiame Spiritual & Cultural Revival Festival

Venue: the old Purga Mission at Ipswich
Boonah Road Purga
11am on Wednesday  4th 
December 2013.
to Sunday the 8th of December 2013.

Join us at 11am on Saturday the 7th of December in a Generational Walk with & in our Spirit Ancestors Footprints on route from Purga to Deebing Creek to make claim to the old Deebing creek mission.

This reserve has significant Spiritual & Cultural Heritage belonging to my people the Yuggera who are Native of this and surrounding areas. The old Aboriginal Reserve of Deebing Creek is 8kl from Ipswich and 4kl as the crow fly’s from Purga.

This was one of the first Aboriginal Missions in Australia and not only has important Spiritual Values but has been a melting pot for all cultures. In 1985 we formed Ipswich Tribal Council & based our claim on our Australian Aboriginal Peoples Charter of Rights.

This document was drawn up in 1980 and modernized in 2013. Our mantras then and now is to make claim to Deebing Creek thus practicing and revitalizing our Ancient Belief system.

My name is Budger Davidson, my Mothers People the Yuggera are Native to Ipswich, Brisbane and surrounding areas and have been since time Immortal. Our Grandmother Mayberry Ford was the last person born at the Deebing Creek Reserve May 1912.

This paragraph was withdrawn at the request of Tess a grandaughter of one the aunties mentioned

We are calling for a National and International membership fee of $5 per year to reclaim the Spiritual Heritage of Pamanyungan (Australia) under our Australian Aboriginal Peoples Charter of Rights. Space will be provided for tents, caravans, motors vans and cars ; Sights are available at $10 and can set up on Wednesday the 4th and pack up on Sunday the 8th or Monday the 9th of December 2013.

Further info about the above also events and membership details will be provided in the next flyers

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  2. Lesley Kanofski says:

    I heard that Deebing Creek Mission was given back on the 3rd July 2013. So why have a walk to claim something you already have.

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