Racing authority takes away Gai pocket money

Guilty trainer Gai Waterhouse is fined by $5500

Gai despite a broken Jack of Hearts

“Fail to report to the stewards any condition or occurrence that may affect the running of a horse in a race” sounds a serious offence.
Yet top Sydney trainer Gai Waterhouse is found guilty of just that and fined $5000, a week’s pocket money for her. She was also found guilty of not writing horse treatment in her school notebook – the one with National Velvet on the cover. That cost her $500 so she might have to go a few days without a hair-cut.
The charges followed a problem with More Joyous before the running of the All Aged Stakes on Saturday, April 27. Easing favourite More Joyous ran second last. 
Before the race the mare’s owner John Singleton provoked the inquiry with a public blow-up against Waterhouse during which he said he had been told by three people the mare could not win. Singleton was fined $15,000 making him roughly three times as naughty as Waterhouse.
You would think Waterhouse would be grateful with the result – and perhaps she was – but she unloaded with a classic spray.
Not fair, she said about losing her pocket money.    
The whole hearing is unfair. I have been treated like a third-rate person and my family has been dragged through the mud, through the mire.’
Pretty dramatic that mud-and-mire business if a trifle redundant.
But of course the former actor is not a third-class citizen. She knows the Queen of The British Commonwealth, Elizabeth II.
‘Even the Queen says to her racing manager, “What is going on with Gai Waterhouse in Australia?”,’ Waterhouse told the inquiry on Monday, Australian time.
Waterhouse trains one of the Queen’s nags in Australia, or ‘Orsetraylya” as Royal Liz might call it.
The best riposte to that Waterhouse umbrage came from a Sydney lawyer who had represented former jockey Allan Robinson at an earlier stage of the inquiry.
Yeah that ol’ Queenie munching the Rice Bubbles.”Geezus Phil what’s happened to Gai?..Can we pardon her?” #racingincrisis@brentzerafa
No need for a pardon, New South Racing has almost given her one.
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