Afghanistan: the rights of Hazaras

See circled is the Australian poster telling Hazaras not to seek refuge here

22 feb 2013 PShift
Australian soldiers have been a force of occupation in Afghanistan on and off since 2001.

I say on and off because the Australian contingent left Afghanistan to assist in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. During long years of occupation the US and its allies have destroyed Afghan civil society and placed a puppet, Kazai, in power to do their bidding.

Many lies have been told to justify this. One of these lies to that the invasion was needed to stop the Taliban’s repression of Afghan women.

Girls were not permitted to go to school.

After Afghanis  drove out the Russians in 1992 with the backing of the Americans, the repression of women was committed by warlords who were allied to the Americans. Nothing changed.

It was when the Taliban came to power that the West came up with this justification to continue the occupation of Afghanistan. The initial reason was to bring about regime change as they did in Iraq.

The US destabilised Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan as part of a power grab across the region.

People’s lives have been greatly affected, now 600,000 Hazara’s in Quetta in Pakistan are under attack. This show is the story of the humanitarian crisis faced by Hazaras and other refugees from those countries.

Panel discussion with Sha (a member of the Hazara community in Brisbane and Mark (from refugee action collective). Sound not available at this time.

However I played this poem and Article 14 by Tony Mockeridge on PShift.

article 14 little secrets (c)apra tony mockeridge

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