Three embers spark sacred fire

Qld Police Prosecutor told PShift reporter that Coco, Boe and Hamish are the ’embers that spark the (sacred)  fire’ in Musgrave park.

Sacred fire and its custodian a Jagera traditional owner, Uncle Kevin Vieritz

Apple Corey reports:

“On the 11th of December 2012 the Brisbane City Council removed all of the physical structures of the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy. They then doused the sacred fire despite making agreements and publicly stating that they would not do this. That night the sacred fire was re-lit and in response the council sent in approximately 10 members of their emergency response team, 60 police officers and a fire crew. 3 people were arrested defending the fire: Wayne Wharton, Boe Spearim and Hamish Chitts.

This past Tuesday Wharton, Spearim and Chitts appeared at the Brisbane Magistrate’s court regarding this incident. Representing themselves they argued that the police had acted unlawfully in removing them, as the Embassy is not in Musgrave Park but on land that is under a Deed of Grant in Trust, and the Embassy had appropriate permission to be there. The defendants were particularly concerned with amending the bail conditions that prevent them from returning to the Embassy.

Their case has been postponed until this Friday the 11th of January . They ask people to meet on Friday 8:30am outside Brisbane Magistrates Court, corner of George and Turbot Streets for support and to witness the proceedings.

Boe knocking on Quirk’s door – Photo by Brendon Quinn.

One of the three he defendants Boe Spearim went knocking on the Lord Mayor’s door. The others were Hamish Chitts and Wayne Wharton.

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