A 7 year old child speaks from Manus in words and art

How much longer are Australians going to allow their politicians to hide behind the three unwise men in recommending this punitive dumping of people onto the most inhospitable, disease ridden, poverty stricken Pacific Islands.

Is this the great human rights leadership model encouraging ” regional cooperation” as recommended?

What of the Refugee Convention, What of the Convention on the rights of the Child and all the other promises Australia has made?

Are we saying to the International Community- we will sign your conventions, contracts and agreements to keep in with the world of nations but do not expect us to honour them?

A boys words and a faintly scanned drawing od a sad figure behind a fence- say it all.

What is the point of Human Rights organisations if they are silent in the presence of gross abuse?

These 30 children on Manus are there to demonstrate to people seeking asylum that no one is immune from the cruelty of the Australian Government.
They are being punished as a warning to others- is this not immoral and shameful?

NOTE FROM 18 year old on Manus about the drawing and letter from a 7 year old boy locked up in detention on Manus.

Hi there,
this is a drawing of a seven year old kid who name is artin.He talk about his drawing and he said he doesnt have phone,he means taht he doesnt have any cell phone because he used to have it when he was in iran.

Artin drawing.pdf

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