Another warrior lost.

i have been informed that we have lost another warrior from the tent embassy in canberra. gungalidda elder wadjularbinna nullyarimma has passed on. she was a staunch supporter of the tent embassy and her real passion for social justice issues is well known and she was/is much respected for her stand on these issues. i … Continue reading Another warrior lost.

The no advantage test

This table can be used through the silly season when the GUTTER PRESS are likely to start running stories of asylum seekers living the lush life in order to drum up hate and bitterness among those so inclined. Yesterday we heard about one Community house which regularly has rubbish and other indescribable refuse dumped at … Continue reading The no advantage test

LONDON – Julian Assange speaks from balcony of Ecuadoran embassy marking 6 months.

Julian Assange marked 6 months circled by British police in the Ecuadoran embassy by speaking from the balcony of the building last night (Dec 20th.) Those gathering in solidarity adopted a festive theme with carols, candles, sharing food and wine. Crowd included included journalist John Pilger, Veterans for Peace, members of the Ecuadoran Community, people … Continue reading LONDON – Julian Assange speaks from balcony of Ecuadoran embassy marking 6 months.

Gun Violence, Massacres, and “Other Developed Countries”

by David Rovics One evening in the spring of 1993 I took a bus across San Francisco, leaving the troubled, largely impoverished neighborhood of the Western Addition, populated mostly by the descendents of African slaves, in which I lived (representing, I suppose, the artistic hippie beginnings of the gentrification process which has since pushed most … Continue reading Gun Violence, Massacres, and “Other Developed Countries”

Jagera elder supports Sovereignty

In today’s society there’s far too much value placed on the dollar, our culture is dying at an alarming rate and everyone is looking for a hand-out rather than demanding a hand-up from the Gubba (the foreign invader). The Gubba is always willing to give us handouts, and this keeps us at a subsistence level. … Continue reading Jagera elder supports Sovereignty

Festive Fun

A shout-out from my favourite witch4.0 out of 5 starsFun book for the person who loves journalism!ByBookish Witch "Heather" (Kentucky) This review is from: 7 Shouts (My Shout) (Kindle Edition)Bernie Dowling has compiled years of journalistic endeavors into one compendium, along with pictures (some of them quite funny), and has thus given readers "7 Shouts". For … Continue reading Festive Fun