Refugee Activities on Human Rights day

Dear friends of the refugee rights campaign,
Please take note of the events coming up in the next few days. I do feel it’s most important, as the public discourse represented in the mainstream media and politics, descends into complete insanity, that those of us who have insight and knowledge of the situation about asylum seekers and refugees, should not hide ourselves, but rather make what we know to be the case, more generally known. You can help by spreading the word about the events below. There is also a flier attached. Your employees, volunteers, students, clients, friends and families should all know about them. Thanks.
Paul McKinnon (Refugee Action Collective Qld)
Ph. 3392 3843

Speakout for refugee rights

Both major parties and the mainstream media are off the rails on the topic of the treatment of asylum seekers.

As the treatment of asylum seekers sinks into complete insanity, it is more than ever important to keep the spark of sanity and humanity alive.

Detainees are going crazy and suicidal in the deliberately inhuman conditions at Nauru, while the government releases many into the community without any support and deliberate poverty, to go mad and possibly starve on our very streets.

RAC has been saying for over a decade that the workable way of treating asylum seekers just happens also to be the humane way.

Come to King George Square between 4.30 and 6pm on Friday 30th November, to help fan that spark of sanity, which is so necessary at this moment.

Further info: Paul, ph. 3392 3843

Refugee Action Collective: organising meeting

More than ever, we need sane, humane people to get involved in the refugee rights campaign. If you care, please consider coming along.

The next organising meeting of the Refugee Action Collective will be at 6.30pm, Wednesday 5th December.

Where: 2nd floor, TLC Building, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane.

Getting there: Parking on site. Close to Cultural Centre bus station, South Brisbane railway station, South Bank City Cat.

The main agenda item will be putting the final touches on the Human Rights Day detention centre protest. There may be a few other items as well.

Further info: Paul, Ph. 3392 3843

Human Rights Day: Protest rally at Pinkenba detention centre

On Human Rights Day we must point out that Australia is currently ignoring its obligations under the UN Declaration of Human Rights, as regards asylum seekers.
Where: BITA (Brisbane detention centre), 100 Sugarmill Rd, Pinkenba.

When: 1pm, Saturday, 8th December.

Getting there: Catch the train to Doomben Station and car lifts will be organised from there to Pinkenba.

Call Tim on 0411 829 319 for more info.

Bring your own creative signs and banners.

Not Nauru – not Manus Island – not Malaysia!
No offshore processing.
Deterrence won’t save lives.
No return to the Pacific Solution.
Resettle more refugees from Indonesia.
No deportations!
Don’t send refugees to deliberately created hellholes.

Pinkenba protest.pdf

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