Lies & Silence – bias in Australian media

On this sad morning there is no justice in the dawn
So many years of dying where does hope get born
Not over the broken and bloodied bodies of sleeping children
Or the fork tongued lies of the criminals and their defenders
                                          — Phil Monsour
                                       Song for Gaza 2012
                             No More Lies No More Silence
1948 Palestinian al-Nakba refugee, Khalil, speaks out against Israeli bombing of Gaza in Nov 2012 – there were no mainstream media present at this rally & march in Brisbane.  Photo by Brendon Qu

This was broadcast on the Paradigm Shift on 4ZZZ fm 102.1 on Friday 23 Nov 2012.

PShift tries to get the point of view of the people most hurt by media bias – people who have suffered colonization, occupation, war, and exile.

Some may blame the journalists who write the stories, they say it is just sloppy journalism, but is it?

This is the first program in a series. This part looks at bias towards Israel at the ABC (see interview below with David Albuquerque) and in The Australian newspaper (see interview below with Fay Waddington).

PShift Intro

Song for Gaza – no more lies, no more silence’ by Phil Monsour

I would like to thank the people who helped put this show together – Fay, David and Phil. Thanks to Steve and Kathryn at Zed who did the Bob Carr skit (no podcast of this is currently available however the script is at Gaza: the Foreign Minister is the problem … as is the PM … and the President and …/).

Thanks to volunteers and staff at 4ZZZ (Community radio fm 102.1 Brisbane)  for their continuing support of Paradigm Shift at the end of its 4th year. Thanks to the originators and those who have taken part.

Jumping Fences – View From A Wooden Chair – Candombe Mulato

Next Week: Lies and Silence – bias in the Australian media (part II)

Ian Curr
November 2012

2 thoughts on “Lies & Silence – bias in Australian media

  1. Song for Gaza says:


  2. The Australian has agreed to publish tomorrow 23rd Jan (2013) my complaint about Christian Kerr’s article in 30th August edition headed “Shop Targeted for Daring to sell Israeli Shoes”.

    I was limited to 200 words and had to agree to one sentence being eliminated from my final submission in which I suggested reporters should make a concerted effort to establish facts. The Australian’s Christian Kerr said he tried to contact someone and was relying on information from store owner.

    I didnt think it worth arguing that he didnt try hard enough and should have waited until someone had a chance to give our side before publication.

    At least they have had to print something unflattering about their despicable rag. Topical time with Israeli elections today and an even more rightwing result likely, Also Academic BDS issue being aired.

    In solidarity

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