Bahraini refugees join Sydney rally protesting Israel’s massacre in Gaza

TODAY 12PM: Bahraini refugees join Sydney rally protesting Israel’s massacre in Gaza

Today the Bahraini Australian Youth Movement (BAYM) will participate in a rally organized by Palestinian Action Group Sydney (PAGS) at Town Hall at 12 pm, condemning Israel’s most recent aggression and massacre in Gaza that has killed 163 Palestinians thus far including children and women. Please find PAGS media release below.

Abdul-Elah Al-Hubaishi, a Bahraini refugee and member of the BAYM, says “We absolutely condemn the massacre in Gaza and the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands”.

He continued, “Despite the intensifying crackdown in Bahrain, with many areas currently under siege and the violent repression of large cultural ceremonies this week , Bahrainis have insisted to challenge the ban of public gatherings and take to the streets, chanting against Israel and carrying Palestinian flags”.

The weapons sold to Israel and Bahrain to repress innocent civilians are coming from the same US salesmen and we stand together against military imperialism in the Middle East. We reiterate the demands of the PAGS (see below) and call for ongoing protest until these demands are met”, he concluded.

Media contact:

Abdul-Elah Al-Hubaishi – 0452 211 851

Australians Unite to Stop the Massacre in Gaza
Australians from many different backgrounds will come together for a peaceful rally at Sydney Town Hall at 12 noon on Saturday, November 24. The rally will call for an end to Israel’s latest assault on Gaza, which has killed 111 people, including 22 children since 15th November*.

Yet again, Israel has used its military force in disproportionate attacks in densely populated areas of Gaza. According to the UN, in the first 9 months of this year more than 60 Palestinians died as a result of Israeli actions and approximately one third of them were civilians. No Israeli civilians deaths were recorded

We call on Israel to end the killing and end its inhumane siege on Gaza. This siege is illegal under international law.
Dr Hanan Ashrawi, recipient of the 2003 Sydney Peace Prize, said “The glaring absence of any reference to the illegal siege of Gaza and its people represents a lack of will that is necessary to bring an end to such injustice”.

We call for an immediate end to this violence, which puts civilians on both sides of the conflict at risk.

We demand Israel fulfil its obligations under international humanitarian law to ensure the protection of civilians, especially children, at all times.

We call on Israel to end the Occupation and the collective punishment and intimidation of all Palestinians which is illegal under international law and defies the international resolutions and conventions to which Israel is a signatory.

We call on the Australian Parliament to end its uncritical bipartisan support for Israeli violence. In line with the responsibilities that come with a seat on the UN Security Council, Australia must develop a fair and independent foreign policy and actively support international law.

Antony Loewenstein, independent journalist and author, says: “The latest onslaught against Gaza must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Dozens of Palestinians civilians have been murdered by the Israeli state. Australia must take a strong stand against this terrorism and move towards imposing sanctions against Israel.”

Kolin Thumbadoo, originally from South Africa and former President of the Australian Anti-Apartheid Movement, said “As we in Australia could no more accept a racist minority regime in South Africa so too should we not accept a racist Zionist regime in occupied Palestine”.

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Rally Facebook Page:

1. Mr Kolin Thumbadoo – 0402 894 386 – kolinthumbadoo

2. Ms Nour Salman – 0432 447 451- nsalman85

3. Patrick Langosch – 0422 028 113 – patricklangosch

4. Lutfi Zayed – 0410 898 781 – zayed_93

*Deaths as of 21.11.12

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