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PShift: Lies and Silence – media bias in Australia

I was born without a passport I grew up and saw my country become prisons without a passport — Without a Passport by Rasheed Hussein PShift Intro Song for Gaza – Phil Monsour This is part two of a series … Continue reading


Refugee Activities on Human Rights day

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Dear friends of the refugee rights campaign, Please take note of the events coming up in the next few days. I do feel it’s most important, as the public discourse represented in the mainstream media and politics, descends into complete … Continue reading


Don’t Let Omid Die

The Patient He sat there in the shadows just inside the entrance to the prison block, Thin and black, he was hard to make out in the dark. He sat there patiently waiting. He was being transported ashore for medical … Continue reading


2012 Sovereignty & Land Rights conference

2012 Sovereignty & Land Rights conference

|||URGENT||| sovereignty & land rights rally tomorrow morning at 8am sharp, don’t be late! meet outside Parliament House (George St, Brisbane) with as many Aboriginal flags, banners etc. you find!

IN DEFIANCE OF THE NATIVE TITLE SUMMIT TAKING PLACE JUST DOWN THE ROAD AT THE STAMFORD PLAZA….. share, tag, comment… just get this out to the people! calling on all Brisbane Blacks and supporters to join us in fighting for our birthright!


Bahraini refugees join Sydney rally protesting Israel’s massacre in Gaza

TODAY 12PM: Bahraini refugees join Sydney rally protesting Israel’s massacre in Gaza Today the Bahraini Australian Youth Movement (BAYM) will participate in a rally organized by Palestinian Action Group Sydney (PAGS) at Town Hall at 12 pm, condemning Israel’s most … Continue reading


Palestinian Film Festival Australia 2012

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Palestinian Arts Culture & Sports Inc (PACSI) is proud to be partnering with Sydney based Cultural Media to bring the national Palestinian Film Festival Australia (2012) to Brisbane. The Festival will be located at the popular Palace Centro cinema at … Continue reading


Lies & Silence – bias in Australian media

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On this sad morning there is no justice in the dawn So many years of dying where does hope get born Not over the broken and bloodied bodies of sleeping children Or the fork tongued lies of the criminals and … Continue reading


‘The Great Default’ by Israel

I AM sitting here writing this article 39 years to the minute from that moment when the sirens started screaming, announcing the beginning of the war. A minute before, total quiet reigned, as it does now. No traffic, no activity … Continue reading



             I had applied for a meeting with Bob Carr (Foreign Minister) prior to the community cabinet meeting last Wednesday (14 November) in my suburb of Kippa-Ring, to raise questions about West Papua, Afghanistan and Palestine. Just my luck that … Continue reading


Kooii Gig in the ‘House with No Walls’

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hi Folks, We’ve got a wonderful gig coming up on Sat Dec 1 in Eumundi at a place called the House With No Walls, near Eumundi. It’s the home of a lovely couple. They’ve been hosting these concerts for a … Continue reading


Women, children main victims of attack, says Gaza hospital

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“Israel is doing all it can with precision bombing to minimise civilian casualties” — Israeli Propaganda [quote by ‘Shirl in Oz‘] GAZA (IRIN) – The nurses at al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip have seen bombing casualties before, but never … Continue reading

Australian/ Italian film maker talks about his Youtube opus

They say the book is always better than the movie

IT is kinda weird when we authors post up videos supporting out novels.

I mean why would someone want to watch a vid we cobbled together for a few bucks when they could take a squizz at a cool-song video which had a budget stretching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions?
 You feel you should put a warning up front: please do not judge the worth of my novel by the quality of this video.
We are just lucky there are enough people, out there, like me, who relish videos with cracks to allow the light of humanity through.
You would hope that Johnny Depp or Charlize Theron heard you were making a video and offered to put in a pro-bono cameo. We might have got John Travolta before Pulp Fiction but no hope of that now.
Tim Burtonshould stroll by and offer to direct. 
“Go easy on that Gothic imagery, Timbo. Iraqi icicle is a noir detective comedy and I cannot remember any Goths in those.”
Without the professional help, out  video in support of my novel Iraqi Icicle is just plain crazy.

Iraqi Icicle 2ndedition is coming out as ebook on December 20, US time.

While technically, the video is not bad, it is waaaay too loooong for your average Yutubevuwa.
What was I thinking? WTF were we doing, constructing the Youtube equivalent of Bertoluuci’s five-hour 1900.
You will see how many people have watched the vid. I wonder how many finished it.
So here is your challenge, watch the video to the end and tell us what you think.
_ Bernardo Dowlolucci.

Rally against Pacific Solution 2.0.

REFUGEE ACTION COLLECTIVE, QLD Rally against Pacific Solution 2.0. Saturday, 27th October, 1pm. King George Square, City. Not Nauru, Not Manus Island, Not Malaysia. Deterrence won’t save lives. No deportations! End mandatory detention! Speakers include: Andrew Bartlett, former senator, refugee … Continue reading


Gaza: the Foreign Minister is the problem … as is the PM … and the President and …

 I was born without a passport I grew up and saw my country become prisons without a passport — Without a Passport by Rasheed Hussein In Washington, D.C. in 2010, an expert at a seminar said of the 2009 Israeli … Continue reading


Open Letter to Federal Member about Gaza

Mr Graham Perrett MP Federal Member for Moreton Dear Mr Perrett Shells and bombs are raining down on children and other civilians in Gaza. People are dying as we speak. We ask you to show your solidarity with the concerns … Continue reading


Mowing the Lawn in Gaza

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In Washington, D.C. In 2010 an expert at a seminar said of the 2009 Israeli attack on Gaza ” It’s unfortunate, but every once in a while you have to mow the lawn.”] The mainstream media’s coverage of all things … Continue reading

Letter from Nauru

The Government of Australia, Human Right Commissions, Amnesty International and the Communities for the oppressed people.

Here being in Nauru are lesson for others, who planned to come by boat to Australia. As the time is going in we asked from authorities to answer our question about our process instead of giving proper answer to our questions, they neglect and show impeachment to our questions. We have been told by immigration minister during his visit to Nauru in September that they are going to construct a compound, where the cases will be processed and it will take at least seven to eight months. Your process will take several years after that it will not be known that you will be accepted or rejected.

If you wish to return back to your country IOM is at your service, media was told by immigration spokesman on 9/11/2012 that the process will be started under the law of Australia.
One of the officers of immigration by the name of Ant on 3/11/2012 told us that they are going to construct the camp in the end of November and it will take six months to start your processing.
On the other hand immigration minister talked to the media that the process of asylum seeker in Nauru will be started in few days.

Today on date 17/11/2012 in Nauru, one of the immigration officer told that your cases will be started in next few months under Nauruan law and I don’t know how long you will be here. This is an agreement between Nauru and Australia. One of the asylum seeker asked from immigration officer that according to the new policy of Australia that all asylum seeker who arrive to Australia after 13th of August are subject to be shifted to Nauru and Manus Islands.

She answered that the asylum seekers who are on Nauru and Manus island will be processed according to their laws and those who are in Australia arrived after 13th august will be processed according to Australia law and I am not giving you guarantee that all the asylum seekers who arrived after 13th august will be shifted to regional processing centres.

So it is a clear message to those who have planned to come to Australia that this is a lottery system and the law will be not implemented on all asylum seekers.

One of the asylum seeker asked from the officer of immigration that if someone would die in this Hell hole Nauru, who will be the responsible Australia or Nauru.

She was not able to give the answer and added that take care of you.

It is concluded that we don’t know when and where our process will be started.

The sacrificed 400 asylum seekers in Nauru are only the lesson for other.

Asylum seekers of Australia in Nauru Hell

Palestinian Film Festival in Brisbane soon


PACSI [Palestinian Arts Culture & Sports Inc] is proud to be partnering with Sydney based Cultural Media to bring the national Palestinian Film Festival Australia (2012) to Brisbane. The Festival will be located at the popular Palace Centro cinema, 39 James Street, Fortitude Valley during 30 November – 2 December 2012.

Listeners can book early and secure their seats by phone on (07) 3852 4488 or online at:

Opening night from 6PM on Friday, 30 November 2012, will feature live entertainment, food by Arabellas (West End restaurant) and Palestinian olive oil products by Perfect Potion. Local community group, Just Peace Queensland , is also supporting the Festival locally. Nightly session tickets are $17.50 (adult), $14 (concession) and $11 (child).

Now in its fourth year, the Palestinian Film Festival comes to Brisbane for the first time and offers Australian audiences the rare opportunity to watch films from and about Palestine. The theme of this year’s Festival is ‘Visit Palestine‘ and among the film line up in Brisbane are three key highly anticipated features:

  1. heart warming comedy, Man without a Cell Phone, which screens with short films ‘First Lesson’ and ‘No News(starts 7pm Friday, but come early for opening night from 6 PM),
  2. the confronting, Tears of Gaza, which screens with short film ‘Yala to the Moon(starts 6:30pm Saturday)
  3. the romantic story, Love during Wartime, which screens with short film ‘My Neighbourhood’ (starts 6:30 pm Sunday).

These are specially selected films that are guaranteed to challenge, inform, delight and surprise.

This three day event will provide Brisbane based cinema patrons with the opportunity to experience the rich tapestry, complexity and diversity of Palestinian life and culture. PACSI is hosting the Festival in Brisbane and will organise the Brisbane opening night event, ticket pre-sales, advertising and promotional activities.

Cultural Media’s Director, Naser Shakhtour says about the Festival, ‘This year’s theme is simple yet heartfelt: Visit Palestine. Many of us have a connection to Palestine. For some, it may be historical, ancestral or spiritual. For others, it may be political, humanitarian or educational. Whatever your interest may be, join us on a cinematic journey of unforgettable imagery and creative, thought-provoking storytelling.’.

Cultural Media’s Festival project can be supported with tax deductable donations, through their fundraising webpage at:

The festival commences in Sydney (8-11 November) before travelling to Melbourne (16-18 November), Perth (23-25 November) and Brisbane (30 November-2 December).

The Palestinian Film Festival can be seen at Palace Cinemas in select cities across Australia. In Sydney, the festival will be at the Palace Norton Street, in Melbourne at Kino Cinemas, in Perth at Cinema Paradiso and Brisbane at Palace Centro Cinemas.

We hope you will join us at the Festival.


Bahraini refugees rally in support of NSW teachers against O’Farrell’s education cuts

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The Bahrain Australia Youth Movement (BAYM) will join NSW teachers today who are rallying statewide against cuts to education by the O’Farrell government in the latest budget. “We join in solidarity with NSW Teachers who have suffered a massive blow … Continue reading


The Unaccompanied Minor

She reminded me of my daughter with her dark intelligent eyes And her brown hair bunching in lazy curls about her shoulders. She looked up at me as I hoisted the boat clear of the sea and smiled with even … Continue reading


Support the people of Gaza

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I am against my country’s fighters hurting a single ear of corn I am against a child- any child having to carry a gun I am against my sister learning weapons drill I am against what you will … but … Continue reading


Emergency protest for Gaza: a note on the guy the Israelis targeted in that car

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Emergency protest for Gaza A state of emergency has been declared in the Gaza strip after a round of drones and shelling from Israel. The death toll is reported to be at least 20 civilians so far, including at least … Continue reading

Trudy returns

RELUCTANT psychic Detective Trudy Harper is back with her paranormal “gifts’’ stronger but still beyond the conscious control of the young woman.
Vision II: The Reluctant Psychic Returns follows the popular series debut which gathered reader praise including favorable comparisons with hit television shows, The Mentalist, Law & Order and Medium.
Vision II starts with Lucky Luke in which Trudy is specifically signaled out by a spirit for the first time. The Spirit does not know Trudy is a cop but he has been told she is the only one who can save his beloved grandson from a cold, lonely death.
The Price of Freedom is the harrowing and unusual tale of a kidnapping. A rich girl’s life hangs by a thread and her only chance at salvation is with her tattered teddy bear.
Trudy Harper is funny and flirtatious at the beginning of Walking a Fine Line but an ethical call on her part could cost her a career. Walking a Fine Line is a sophisticated  suspenseful tale.
Forever My Child is a signature story from Jane Sharp. White terror invades domesticity. The ending will stay with you for a long time.
In Changes, death becomes personal and Trudy is alone at the crossroads of not just her career but her very life.
Be the first to download your ecopy of Vision II: The Reluctant Psychic Returns after you check out another great cover, this one by Australian artist Julie Tarrant.
Vision II: The Reluctant Psychic Returns, published by Bent Banana Books, is out TODAY, through Amazon and its affiliates.
Without further beating around the bush, here is our celebratory launch theme song

Laura Street Festival

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On Sunday 25 November from 1 – 10 p.m. the friendly folk from Laura Street, Highgate Hill are opening their doors for a FREE festival; a celebration of music, arts, culture, community and life. When: Sunday, 25th November 2012, 1pm … Continue reading


Interesting speakers about the 1972 recognition of China

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Hi friends, Next Saturday 24th November the Australia China Friendship Society is running a seminar and reception (free) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Whitlam Government recognition of China. Speakers include Graham Freudenberg (Gough’s speech writer), Manfred Cross (ex-MLA) … Continue reading


Why QLD’s coal and gas boom matters to you, Brisbane, Wed Nov 14, 5.45pm

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For those of you in Brisbane and able to attend, I look forward to seeing you at this free public forum tomorrow evening. Kind regards, Mark Ogge Public Engagement Officer The Australia Institute M. +61 421 272 884 E. … Continue reading


Abigroup brings more serious charges against Bob Carnegie

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Why is Abigroup bringing charges against Bob Carnegie? Abigroup got court orders during the Qld Children’s Hospital dispute to ban Bob Carnegie from the site, and is now pushing charges of contempt of court. They are likely to be heard … Continue reading


Australia’s Tent Diplomacy

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The tiny Pacific nation of Nauru has — for the first time — voiced its frustrations over the Australian government’s decision to re-open the controversial asylum seeker processing camp on the island. More than 300 people are being held under … Continue reading


November 11 – Remembrance Day

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The poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by Canadian soldier, John McCrae, was used to recruit people to war. Government advertised war bonds using its lyrics to raise funds for war. “Take up our quarrel with the foe : To you from … Continue reading



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Makes you want to be there! Thnx to Mila for her wonderful photos