Mal Brough

by ray jackson

without a doubt we aborigines and other people of good and sound minds must see the possible return of this person of such a warped and myopic view towards aborigines to the federal parliament with much fear and trepidation. even tony abbott is loathe to have him return but for reasons different to any concern for aborigines.

whilst brough is well known as not being necessarily the architect of the original nt intervention against our brothers and sisters in the 73 designated communities that howard attempted to use as a circuit-breaker for his re-election by claiming a faux concern for the plight of aboriginal children and youth and the almost universal horror of both paedophiles and paedophilia, he, brough, was self-identified as being the whip-hand of its introduction. such was their joint concern to the alleged horrors was clearly shown by the required legislation for the invasion of the nt communities not mentioning ‘child-abuse’ once in all of its hundreds of pages. what was frequently mentioned however was mining and the forced leases of aboriginal land back to the federal government.

i am still waiting for an authorised report that paedophiles and paedophilia were rife in the nt communities. not one report of such practices being wiped out in these communities. there were reports of such activities in wa and sa that were dealt with by the appropriate state governments and their police forces. all this was being done as krudd, howard’s shadow, continued to push for the return of federal control of aboriginal land. whatever sexual activity proved to exist occurred mainly between consenting youth and/or under the traditional law of culturally arranged marriages between families. police interference into such activities in fact led to deaths in custody events happening. it is not as if such sexual activity is restricted only to aboriginal communities. it is a cross-ethnic national issue and always has been with the sometime exception of that somewhat quaint practice of the ‘shotgun wedding’ that was most prevalent during the time of my youth. forcing lustful teenagers to marry led to major social problems during that time, besides the personal trauma, both private and public.

but back to brough.

he is most definitely of the fundamentalist kind and has the messiah complex that only he, and he alone, has the answer to the most sorry plight of those poor and wretched natives that must, not need, mind you, but must be saved. this act may or may not satisfy his particular fundamentalist lusts or perhaps his fervour will turn to saving those of the muslim faiths (like christianity, there are several sects) some of whom are known to seriously fight back. one can only wonder where brough will finish up but it must be clearly understood that we, and others, do not want him in the federal parliament. ever!

is brough a ‘racist’? to properly answer that we would need a much bigger post than this will be but, to my mind, brough and others of his fundamentalist kin, must be actually aware that they are racist in their everyday dealings with others not of their favoured, in their own mind, kind. brough, like howard, and too many others are, i believe, misanthropic in their leanings of not trusting people of colour. they are wasp-ish through and through and that being the case they ergo therefore do not recognise any other race or ethnicity outside of their own. the verbal vomit of radio, press and now tv, including such examples as bolt, jones, ackerman, among others, are definitely dyed-in-the-wool out-and-out racists. these racists go out of their way to be racist in a most controversial manner by seeking in their bilious offerings to be more outlandish than their peers. this is only done as an effort to push up their own ratings by such controversial pieces that they believe they are somehow important to the government misanthropes besides pumping up their own sense of indignation that few really take any notice of them. bolt revelled in his perceived victory of claiming the right to be able to identify who is, and can be, aboriginal. all this rubbish is given the somewhat tattered flag of ‘free speech’ that is code for ‘i want the right to racially vilify those whom i consider are way below me on the social scale. whether i am right or not is indeed a moot point and detracts not one whit from my saying so.’ regardless of our colour, and please take note ms bess price, we aborigines only have the right to question who is or is not an aborigine. no non-aborigine can argue that point.

are we going to have the non-glbti community stating who is or is not gay? of course not! and the same with our people. one must remember, or at least be reminded, that after 224 years of the use and abuse of our women and girls i am surprised that there is any colour left. it is a long known fact that the aborigines of the nt and remote areas referred to those of a more washed-out hue as ‘yella fellas’ and this discrimination of the outcome of the invasion was picked up by howard and brough to say to our darker brothers and sisters that they were, in truth, the real aborigines while their somewhat paler cousins of the eastern seaboard and the towns and cities were somehow not ‘real’ aborigines because we had been invaded the longest and consequently had lost our lands, culture, languages, traditional law/lore and our colour. our less invaded cousins, whilst still suffering the genocide of the invasion, continued to very tenuously hold on to what we had lost. this howard/ brough brainwash of separateness has been picked up by some in the nt, namely the brough acolyte, ms bess price.

ms. price is married to an englishman and that is, in itself, ok but i seriously question how much of that english thinking that a long term marriage would have been introduced into ms price’s cultural way of thinking. her husband is english and their children are aboriginal australians with a british descent. now, it is on the public record that both bess and her husband want their progeny to be proud of both heritages as well they should be but i just wonder how much their ‘britishness’ has detracted from their aboriginal heritage. had bess married with her aboriginal-appointed cultural husband then surely her view and the views of her children would be different. i know of many mixed marriages, both ethnically and religiously, and i believe from my own observations that the dominant culture/religion holds more sway in the upbringing of the children unless, of course, such a marriage is indeed made in heaven. and maybe, just maybe, this may be the position that ms price finds herself in. but i doubt it.

but be that as it may, the politics of howard and brough has fallen on the very fertile ground of the price family whereby bess backs the intervention but does not live in the town camps adjacent to alice springs nor does she reside in the remote area camps but she and her family live comfortably, i am informed, in the suburbia of alice springs. bess, to my understanding, is most critical of those who speak out against the intervention, despite their colour but especially with the lack of it, that only her more pigmented brethren have the right to speak up in supporting the intervention. how she reconciles ms marcia langton and her support i’m unsure.

aboriginal identity and how that identification is made and by whom is a cultural minefield. i am sure in my own mind that despite being what i call a ‘concrete koori’, and by that i mean an aborigine who was born in the city of sydney to a white australian father and an aboriginal mother, who was removed from my aboriginal mother, along with my siblings, because my father had had the bad circumstances to be killed up on the kokoda track during the new guinea campaign. the year was 1943 and the governments of the invaders declared that my aboriginal mother apparently did not reach the bullshit high standards of the invader society, so we were removed. at age 3, perhaps 4, i was adopted by a young married woman of australian and danish stock who renamed me, after having been given advice to do so along with the usual malicious and criminal information that our aboriginal mothers did not want us ‘yella-fella’ kids!

unlike bess, i lost all the aforementioned knowledge’s and skills and because of this i’m told by ms bess price i just cannot match her purity of aboriginality! i totally reject such racial abuse against my own racial identity. several times over the years i have been enquired of as to why i claim my mother’s history and lineage as i ‘don’t look aboriginal’ and the answer is quite simple; because your society and governments told me in such a despicable and traumatic manner that i could not be.

and to hell with that! i am also asked from time to time why i am so outspoken on matters aboriginal and again it’s quite a simple answer; because it is pay-back time! recently i was asked at a reconciliation group at parramatta what was my inspiration and motivation over the previous 25 years odd, since coming out of the ‘cultural’ closest, and without any need to muse on the question i answered, hate.

hate of a system that has wronged so many of the stolen generations and such wrong as is still continuing against my aboriginal people to this very moment. a hate for the humanity that is so ignorantly and callously denied to my aboriginal people. a hate against a cruel and racist government system that will not be extinguished until i am.

it is for these few reasons and more, ms price and brough, that you will never ever speak for me. i especially advise readers to look at the photo of brough below. if that is not a depiction of messianic fervour then i don’t know what is.

and i don’t want misanthropes like brough in the federal parliament. we have enough to put up with abbott, ruddock and the others in the invader parliaments all around the aboriginal nations. this is one reason that i am standing, along with my comrades in the housing action team, for a position on the sydney city council so the fight can continue at another level.

should you no longer wish to be on this list, then please advise. except for politicians, excluding a few, who most definitely need the education of the black and white history since the invasion besides the pale effort offered by ms bess price and others.

one other matter of import. in the article below. it quotes ms marianne mackay as suggesting that the national indigenous times, the paper of the author, gerry georgatos, as being the only aboriginal-based newspaper. it is not. we are privileged to also have the koori mail and the tracker and more power to the three of them. we need them all.


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