Workers’ Liberty Summercamp 2012 – draft agenda out now!

Hi everyone, below is a draft agenda for Workers’ Liberty’s Summercamp 2012 – 16-19 August at Height Gate Farm, Hebden Bridge.

The camp will be a mixture of educational workshops and discussions exploring Marxist theory; struggles from our past and ideas for liberation; practical activist training; and relaxing, socialising and running around in the great outdoors.

The weekend costs just £15 unwaged/students, £25 waged – food and accommodation included.
Details of Height Gate Farm, how to get there and how to book tickets are here:

Get in touch for more info, or to arrange to travel with some comrades from your area: 07775 763 750 or


(NB. Prices are negotiable/a guideline – if you can spare an extra fiver for toilet roll and milk it would be great. On the other hand if you’re a bit short then please contact us and we can sort something out…)





Arrive from 4pm (there will be regular pick ups from Hebden Bridge station, times advertised soon; if you want to come earlier, get in touch)

7pm Dinner

8pm Welcome

8.30pm Showing of film ‘What are you looking at?’ by AWL supporter Faryal Velmi, followed by a discussion of where LGBT politics is going led by Hannah Thompson


11am Workshops
a) Chile 1971-3: workers’ struggles and military coup, lessons for Greece today
b) Socialism and religion

1pm Lunch

2pm Workshop – How to give speeches

4.30 Workshops
a) The Second American revolution: the US Civil War and Reconstruction
b) The lessons of the Iranian revolution and counter-revolution, 1979

6.30pm Dinner

7.30pm Short film about the Turkish workers’ movement

8.30pm Open mic with music, spoken word and more.


11am Workshops
a) Is the pensions dispute dead? Where is the class struggle in Britain at?
b) Is Western intervention in Libya/Syria like the Iraq war?

1pm Lunch

2pm Workshop – An introduction to Marxist economics

a) What’s happening in Greece?
b) Marxist analyses of prostitution and sex work

6.30pm Dinner

8pm Showing of ‘Which side are you on?’, Ken Loach’s film about the miners’ strike


11am Workshops
a) Working-class vs bourgeois democracy
b) Should we want the EU to break up?

12.30pm Lunch

1.20pm Workshop – Why do we say vote Labour? How does that relate to being a revolutionary?

3pm Closing discussion

Finish by 3.30pm



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