Cops Qld deaths-in-custody fraud

the following report that the queensland police union is arrogantly expecting the tax-payers of qld to pay the million dollar plus costs for the whitewash of then s/s chris hurley’s involvement in the death of mulrunji doomadgee in november 2004 on palm island is just another kick in the guts by qld police for the doomadgee family, his wife tracey and the whole of the palm island community.
i am not surprised that the qld police union are putting the ‘request’ forward as it is my understanding that all australian police forces have a sweet-heart deal with their respective governments that when the police union becomes involved in court cases on behalf of their members and they win, then the government of the day will affray the costs of the police union. if they lose, they pay their own costs. the system being what it is i believe they lose very few. such a high success rate is based on the inescapable fact that police investigate other police. enough said.

the main police protagonist, then s/s hurley, was reported as receiving some $130 000 in a double-dip compensation payout whilst losing not one dollar of wages in the six years or so that he was dragged through the qld court system.hurley is also reported by the qld press to be a millionaire in his own right as well. whilst hurley was eventually promoted to the rank of inspector at a gold coast police station other police were also exonerated of their brutal behaviour towards the palm island community. some, including officer darren robinson, even received bravery awards! they know no shame, these bully-men.

the antics and legal interferences by officer robinson has been a matter of high interest to me since that fateful november day that mulrunji was killed after being arrested by hurley. such an arrest was proven to be, if not unlawful, then at least to be totally unnecessary. that mulrunji protested loud and long at his arrest by hurley is well known as is the reaction by hurley that he was being stood up to. and when mulrunji took a swing at hurley, a man half hurley’s physical stance, even hurley admitted to some surprise and consternation. hurley muscled mulrunji into the station and the rest is history.

robinson was one of the officers present at the hurley bbq as they discussed their next move. robinson proudly admitted to being ‘a bloody good mate of chris’ and proceeded to back that claim up over the following years.

over the years there were two very questionable deaths on palm island that i have written on before. one was the alleged suicide by hanging of mulrunji’s son. it has been stated that prior to his death he was seen being spoken to by robinson. the second alleged suicide by hanging was that of mulrunji’s friend who, it is also reported, was seen being spoken to by robinson prior to his death. in fact, robinson took him for a ride around the island.

i have been calling on the qld labor government and the qld coronial system for many years that both of these questionable deaths need a full and open inquest into their deaths and, specifically, what part in those deaths, if any, was officer darren robinson involved in. this is the same darren robinson who was reported as saying to witnesses, inter alia, “if chris goes down, your next.” or words to that effect. he was also being very selective on the evidence that was presented to him by witnesses, telling one witness to try again.

robinson is certainly no hero, except perhaps to the qld police, and his part in these two alleged suicides must be brought on.

the qld police minister must refuse to pay the police union costs as it has already cost the citizens of qld much to reach the questionable judgement made by the all-white jury from townsville.

the qld police minister and the qld attorney-general must immediately call for full and open inquests into the two palm island deaths and the role of officer darren robinson both before and after those deaths. justice demands nothing else.

no police force should harbour bully-men police.


“Palm Island mayor threatens compensation claim

Date August 9, 2012 – 1:40PM

  • Nathan Paull

Palm Islands mayor wants the Queensland government to compensate his community for emotional trauma if it agrees to pay the legal costs for a police officer cleared of killing an indigenous man in the island’s watchhouse.

The Queensland Police Union applied to the former state government to pay for Senior Sergeant Chris Hurleys legal costs after he was acquitted of the manslaughter of Palm Island man Cameron Doomadgee, now known as Mulrunji.

However, the former Labor government did not make a ruling on the contentious claim, estimated to be at least $1 million, and the task has now fallen to new Police Minister Jack Dempsey.

A spokesman for Mr Dempsey said he was waiting to receive all the information before making a decision.

But Palm Islands mayor Alf Lacey said the applications approval would be yet another blow for the indigenous community, which feels it has been denied justice over the incident.

Mr Lacey said if the application was approved, he would make his own application to the government to be compensated for emotional trauma.

“If his legal bills are going to be paid, then Im going to be requesting from the government… to cough up money to allow the community to heal itself,” he said.

“Our community continues to be insulted by the very people who orchestrated stress within our shire.

“Palm Island is a strong community but when you see these ridiculous suggestions being made… it just reinforces the stress and trauma placed on our community.

“Mr Doomadgee died on the floor of the islands watchhouse in November 2004, and the ensuing bungled police investigation sparked rioting.

Sen Sgt Hurley, the arresting officer, was ultimately acquitted of Mr Doomadgees manslaughter.

Comment from QPU has been sought.


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2 thoughts on “Cops Qld deaths-in-custody fraud

  1. Disgusted Brisbane says:

    Yet another case of the injustice of police investigating police. Police cover up! If the government does not put a stop to police investigating police this type of thing will continue.The review into police discipline process found that police should not investigating police. However both Ian Leavers and the Commissioner have made statements that indicate they do not see anything wrong with the present process. In other words QPS want full control- look after whoever they want to– screw anyone who has spoken out about “their system” Corruption!!!!

  2. I agree with your comments. Someone should do a research of all the Inquests invovling deaths in custody of either white or black victims. And we can be assured that the results will always be the same…police investigating their own people and covering up the evil deeds that they do. There will never be any closure and justice to any families while these people are allowed to do whatever they please by the Australian Government. Maybe, just maybe one day they will do it to someone’s son or daughter who has a bit of push in this country. Let’s see what happens then. Lies, cover up and corruption will continue to reign as long as Coronial Inquests allow them to happen. If evidence has not been collected or been tampered with as seen at some Inquests, ‘reasonable doubt’ should never enter into the equation. This is a blatant and deliberate failure to do the right job for their community and shows to what extent they will do so to cover up for their mates. There is no justice in Queensland and in Australia as a whole.

    The reason why the media print what they do after speaking to the police is because otherwise they would not get any news stories to write about. I think it is fair though for media to also ask the other side what their story is to balance it out. Most Australians are intellectuals and should stand up and say NO MORE lies, cover and corruption at the expense of people dying. We are sick to death of seeing such ‘proganda ponies’ fronting up and telling us that they are always right and they did nothing wrong. And to boot the taxpayers are suffering for their consequences in having their family members killed and then having to pay for all the propoganda, lies, cover up and corruption witnessed in Courts.

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