Editor’s Note: The Palestinian village SUSIYA is about to be destroyed. This will be the SIXTH time the village will be destroyed by the Israeli army. Right next door is an illegal Israeli settlement. Its settlers are determined to take over the land that legally belongs to the Palestinians in Susiya, so much so that they have terrorised the Palestinians with impunity – poisoned their water wells, slaughtered their sheep, set fire to agricultural land, abused their children, carried out violent attacks and pressured Israeli authorities to evict the Palestinians from their homes and demolish all residential and livelihood structures. Now the villagers are faced with another demolition order unless there is a mass global outcry about this inhuman practice. We need your help. As Patrick Strickland recently wrote “the plight of Susiya is indicative of the larger dialectic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli officials will continue to accuse the Palestinians of being unprepared for peace negotiations, while its military and settlement enterprise employ the force of arms to wrangle the West Bank from its native inhabitants. Western governments and the international community will continue to portray the situation in an absurd light: a fragile democracy attempting to quell restive ‘terrorists.’”

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/help-save-susiya-village-clinic-and-solar-panels
It won’t take more than a couple of minutes to do this and you will be helping to make a difference

With thanks to the Leichhardt Friends of Hebron for taking this initiative.

Sonja Karkar

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