NSW police are way too deadly

on tuesday 24 april at 1.30pm we will be holding a rally outside the nsw parliament house to protest the violence and abuse of the nsw police as ably exampled by the circumstances at kings cross and 5 police-related deaths in custody so far this year already. we will also be putting to the barry o’farrell government, and police minister mike gallacher specifically, that tasers be withdrawn from the frontline police due to their lethality. despite what barry avers. if you can make it and support us then please do so.

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help us to make justice not just us!
once more even the shooting of two aboriginal teenagers in a stolen car at kings cross focuses the mind on just how violent are our nsw police force and, to extrapolate from that, the police forces of this country.

allow me to say that i do not condone car theft or any other crime for that matter but i certainly would argue that the crime is hardly a hanging offence. and yes i have suffered having my car stolen.

the stolen car had six young aborigines, aged between 13 and 24, inside of it when the police drew their guns and fired through the windscreen. that they cared not who they shot or even killed goes without saying. as one friend said, why couldn’t they shoot the tyres out? they didn’t because they are not trained to shoot out tyres, they are trained to shoot to kill. perhaps the occupants were armed, possibly attempting to shoot out the tyres could have led to the death or wounding of civilians. the driver elected to attempt an escape, so we are told, and tasers were useless in this situation so they pulled their glocks and let loose. there was no guarantee that the car would stop possibly causing further mayhem.

‘In the courtroom of honor, the judge pounded his gavel
To show that all’s equal and that the courts are on the level
And show that the strings in the books ain’t pulled and persuaded
The ladder of the law has no top and no bottom
‘The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll’ by Bob Dylan

whatever the rights or wrongs of that situation, what followed was absolute police brutality at its arrogant best. both tv reports and still shots clearly show police exacting their own brand of punishment upon the occupants of the car. not being satisfied, or glad even, that their shots through the windscreen, at least 6 it is reported, did not kill any of the occupants outright the began their extraction of the driver and the front passenger, troy taylor.

the driver had been wounded twice, once in the chest and an arm/shoulder wound. troy had a wound to his neck and he was seen to be bleeding profusely from his wound. troy is dragged from the car seat, with force that would of caused him further pain. the officer initiating the extraction is seen to be laying into troy with his fist. it was obvious to anyone watching that troy was definitely not resisting arrest in any manner. whilst on the ground he was also knelt on as they put the cuffs on him. this practice of kneeling or sitting on the victims back is a most dangerous act as was evidenced by the knee-drop from hurley to mulrinji doomadgee in 2004 and the kneeling/sitting on the back of terrance briscoe in the alice springs lock-up in january of this year. positional asphyxia would have been an important causal link to his death.

still the police around the country continues to use this form of arrest technique as it is far safer for them to do so. as i have stated many times before the life of a police officer far outweighs that of any member of the citizenry.

we then see an officer grab hold of troy’s shirt and roughly drag him over the roadway like a sack of potatoes. he was then dumped face-down and cuffed but one can see that he was still bleeding profusely. nowhere is there any visual evidence of either troy or the driver receiving medical aid. maybe first aid was being given to the two people who, it is alleged, were hit by the car. i have seen no visuals of the driver being extracted but the procedure would have been the same even though he was wounded twice. both are in hospital.

‘And that even the nobles get properly handled
Once that the cops have chased after and caught ’em
And that the ladder of law has no top and no bottom,
Stared at the person who killed for no reason
Who just happened to be feelin’ that way without warnin’
Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll by Bob Dylan

the media report is lacking in some detail. in reference to the stolen car the police say that the car was driven onto the footpath in an attempt to escape, then hit one or two pedestrians before the police drew their glocks and fired at the car occupants through the windscreen. the damage as shown suggests to me that the stolen car, pictured below, hit more than just two pedestrians. it seems to me that to crumple the front of the car as they did then they must have hit something else, perhaps a shop front or a light pole. either that or the car is made of plastic. interestingly, none of the 4 tyres appear to be damaged. also the car appears to be resting on the roadway.

i am sure that the practice of police investigating police will come up with some answers, however warped they may be. there is a photo of what appears to show a senior officer chatting with other junior officers probably beginning this process.

the other photo of a man with no top on lying on the ground is, i believe, a passer-by who objected to the police brutality, or so i am told.

allegedly there was going to be a community meeting with the police-identified redfern elders but the only one quoted is mick mundine. a tv report has him saying that “yes, it should not have happened but really it was time to move on.” he said the same thing re the death of tj hickey and the subsequent 8 anniversary marches!

this disgusting and inhuman treatment handed out by those police involved at the kings cross scene however comes as no great surprise. there would have been executive officers present and, as usual, no attempt was made to calm down the overly excited police officers of the junior ranks. such savagery is standard practice. let us look a wee bit closer to the actions of the nsw police from february to april of this year.

in a 4 month period, roughly, we have had at least 5 deaths in custody relative to police actions and 2 near-death events that could be fatal in one case at least.

at springwood, nsw a 67 year old man walked into the springwood police station and he then collapsed and died. nothing else is known about the circumstances of that death.

in february police around bathurst were involved in a high speed pursuit of a stolen car and other acts. the car eventually crashed and the two occupants were arrested and taken to bathurst gaol where the 22 year old driver collapsed in his cell and died. he was offered assistance at the bathurst hospital but for whatever reason he refused to comply.

also in february 21 magistrate dunleavey threw out a case against phillip bugmy of wilcannia and charged the police instead for tasering phillip in his home whilst philip was on his knees with his hands behind his head. sometimes magistrates do stand up to the police.

on the 18 march a police action led to the death of roberto laudisio curti by 6 police who decided to play cat and mouse with roberto as they chased him through the streets of sydney. they had maced him and let him run blind, they caught him and video shows them slamming his head into the frame of the shop window and again let him run. then they tasered him at least 3 times and allowed him to run until he collapsed and died.

on march 25 at the end of a police pursuit the victim, darren neil, was cornered at the westfield shopping centre whereby he was then shot dead by the officer who had pursued him. details are sketchy and we have only the police version to go on.

16 april found the police up tenterfield, nsw in a situation that the victim seemed to be suffering a psychotic attack. it was alleged that he had a crossbow and a knife and threatened the police who were present. the female officer fired off a taser but missed so the male officer drew his glock and killed the victim. nothing else at this point in time is known.

then the kings cross fiasco.

meanwhile elsewhere around the country, over in wa a police officer who was in a high speed pursuit of a stolen car ran a red light in the process and crashed into a civilian vehicle. the woman died and the officer is being charged for dangerous driving. meanwhile in qld. commissioner bob atkinson is decrying the limitations being placed on his police in matters of high speed pursuits and believing they should be reviewed and become less restrictive!

and so the homicidal mayhem continues unabated and we need, as a society, to manage our police better and make them far more accountable for their actions and their mistakes.

to that end this association, along with others around the country will be holding a national day of action on 12 may but more on this later.

ray jackson
23 April 2012

“And you who philosophise disgrace
And criticise all fears,
Take the rag away from your face
Now is the time for your tears…”


This exclusive footage by The Sunday Telegraph shows the dramatic arrest of 18-year-old Troy Taylor, who was shot then punched by NSW Polic… via Copping it at The Cross.

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  1. I am sorry to say but the police all over australia have developed into a culture of self decision making.and the attitude of do what i say or i will kill you is reality. there is no more commonsense with the police .they have lost the communication that is required to sease and solve situations. theu have now been taught and told bt government to go ahead and no police officer will ever be found guilty of murder. as this is exactly what they do in many situations.. the only way common sense will ever come back is sadly when police them selves are on the receiving end.
    and i believe this is coming as has been building up over the past few years as many people are now talking about an eye for an eye. so all i say to the the police is –enjoy what fun you are having now as the day is coming when you will not enjoy your job and the only people to blame for it will be your selves .your attitudes and behavior. –this is what i see coming to society in the near future.i hope i am wrong but do not believe so.

  2. i believe that if police keep up their attitude that they can do what they like with offenders after they have been arrested and their attitude with demonstrated behaviour . i see the day that they will be on the receiving end of violence .and they will start dieing . all because i have the power.
    well i have seen it over seas and police brutality only begets hatered towards them. then enough is enough then they die — no one is inmortal no matter how many guns you have, stop and re think your behaviour in dealing with the criminal elements in society .or the day of an eye for an eye will come to the police . any one can see it is coming to this .or do the police enjoy the voilence or the challenge ??? . i know that over time violence does rub off on one . and then they start to enjoy it then the first kill then another then one is hooked to enjoyment . seems to be the way with police

  3. “Our NSW police are too deadly!” – Ray Jackson

    by Gerry Georgatos

    Sydney’s Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) held a rally outside the NSW state parliament in protest to the recent spate of perceived police brutality and to the five deaths in police custodial incidents in NSW.

    Hundreds of angry protesters blocked off half the road in front of the NSW Parliament in a protest against the police shooting and bashing of two unarmed Aboriginal teenagers on April 22. The rally, initiated by the ISJA, demanded an independent public investigation into the incident, which had been filmed on mobile phones by stunned bystanders. Many young Aboriginal people and other high schools students braved rain to join the protest. Popular Aboriginal boxer Anthony Mundine joined the protest.

    Mr Mundine said he came to lend his support to the cause. “There’s no room for any debate,” he told the Herald.

    “They were pretty much unarmed, cornered, trapped … and they [the police] opened fire at point blank range – to kill.”

    Mr Mundine said the issues were not about race, but the families of the teens injured wanted answers.

    Mr Mundine, who also visited the 14-year-old driver this week, said the police officers who shot six times into the stolen car should be investigated for attempted murder.

    ISJA president Ray Jackson said, “Our NSW police are just tood deadly!”

    “The actions of NSW police in Kings Cross, and for all the world to see, and the five police related deaths this year need to get some scrutiny. We are hoping to pile pressure on Barry O’Farrell’s government to do something,” said Mr Jackson.

    “We are asking NSW police minister Mike Gallacher to remove tasers from frontline police. Tasers are lethal.”

    “The shooting of two Aboringal teenagers at Kings Cross, who stole a car, needs to be properly investigated, but not by internal affairs however by some independent body,” said Mr Jackson.

    “It appears police brutality is out of control Australia-wide.”

    “We do not condone the stealing of the car or any criminality however shooting them is not on. There were six Aboriginal teenagers in there, aged as young as 13.”

    “I’ve had my car stolen and yet I wouldn’t have anyone shot or hung for it.”

    “What if passersby had got shot? or the car skewed further out of control into pedestrians?”

    Western Australia’s Nyikina rights advocate, Sofia Mirniyinna echoed these sentiments. “In WA police are now disobeying their own protocols, and a police chase which was unauthorised slammed into the car of 50 year old mum and her 16 year old daughter and killed the mother. Coppers have to learn real life is not some television cartoon or ridiculous cop show where they can go wild on a chase. Not every crime is worth going wild over it.”

    Mr Jackson is disturbed by the images of police officers dragging out the youth from the car, who had been shot and then were allegedly punched. “The driver had been wounded by gunfire twice, in the chest and in the shoulder. He was dragged from the car. He did not appear to resist arrest however the police officer is seen in still images laying into him.”

    “The arrest technique, with the knee drop needs to overhauled as it can lead to asphyxia and let us remember it was used on Terence Briscoe and Cameron Doomadjee,” said Mr Jackson.

    “Why did the police officer drag the wounded driver by the shirt over the roadway like a sack of potatoes?”

    “Let us not confine ourselves only to the Kings Cross shootings and violence when looking at our deadly NSW police let us look at their record from February to present – five police-custodial deaths.”

    “And let us not forget the tragic death of Brazilian Roberto Laudisio Curti at the hands of six police. The tourist did nothing and was tasered to death. And he was being pursued as a mistaken identity over a stolen packet of biscuits. Do you fire on someone over biscuits?”
    “He wasn’t just tasered, video shows the police slamming his head into a shop window. His death should have led into a Royal Commission into our deadly NSW police.”

    Footage from the Kings Cross incident shows the dramatic arrest of the wounded driver and passengers from the stolen vehicle and of a police officer punching one of them. A police officer unleashed a series of blows to the head of a teenager bleeding from a bullet wound to the neck during the brutal arrest. Footage shows the then beaten teenager kneed in the back as he was being handcuffed, all this moments after he was dragged from the vehicle.
    Bystanders stood by seemingly stunned.

    Redfern’s Elder Mick Mundine said he was shocked by the footage of the police brutality and the manner of the arrests. “It was pathetic.” Mr Mundine asked for calm from everyone.
    Ms Mirniyinna said it appeared that police officers were flustered and maybe had a public meltdown after pedestrians were injured however “it’s still not good enough to engage in that sort of police brutality.”

    Mr Jackson and Ms Mirniyinna have come together, from Sydney and Broome to develop a national deaths in custody organisation. Mr Jackson said, “This is the best way, a national body so our voice rises and we become a check and balance to what’s going on out there. We have Sofie in the Kimberley, a watch committee in Perth, Sam Watson in Brisbane, Townsville and Melbourne mobs, us in Sydney, and we need to unite as one.”

    On the same day a protest was led in Brisbane by Sam Watson and others over the police-related death of a boy.

    A National Action to stop deaths in custody and highlight perceived police brutality will be held on May 12, said Mr Jackson.



    Ray Jackson, who organised the rally, has begun addressing the crowd, describing “idiot police” who shot into the stolen car carrying six youngsters in Kings Cross on Saturday morning.

    ”The brutality of the police … in mine and others’ opinions is becoming worse every year,” said the rally organiser, Ray Jackson, the head of the Indigenous Social Justice Association. ”They’re becoming so arrogant, they don’t even worry about cameras or witnesses. The police ultimately are responsible to us as citizens of NSW. We are not responsible to the police.” ”While the police have investigated themselves, common sense and history shows that it just doesn’t work.”

    But mobile phone footage shot by onlookers showing an officer punching and dragging one of those in the car along the ground has prompted accusations of excessive force and fed into racial tensions over the incident.

    Mr Mundine said he knew the families of those shot on Saturday.
    “I grew up with one of the boys’ fathers,” Mr Mundine said.
    “It really broke my heart. Fighting for his life.”
    Douglas Martin, a 16-year-old who knew the boys shot by police, said the officers should be “punished”.
    “You got a reason to hate the coppers, you know, when you’re a young kid. But this crosses the line. (It’s) straight-out racism,” the angry teenager told AAP.
    “I want them to get punished. Treat them the same as normal citizens.

    Police have also been accused of brutality, after video emerged showing an officers punching and dragging one of the teens while arresting him.

    Police minister backs officers over shooting

    THE chorus of condemnation, protest and ridiculous advice that has rained down on the police this week explains why hoodlums can shoot up Sydney with impunity almost every night.

    Mundine, who also visited the 14-year-old driver this week, said the police officers who shot six times into the stolen car should be investigated for attempted murder.

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    Molwn labe

  4. You do realise this wouldn’t have happened if that kid hadn’t driven a car onto the footpath? If you have any other idea as to what the police could’ve done lets hear it. Sorry but no one in society is above the law.

  5. People working for Queensland Police committed every crime existing in legal statutes :

    theft , break ins , robbery and armed robbery , drug dealing and importation , running prostitution ,

    assaults , rape , murder and so on .

    This organisation has long tradition of harbouring the criminal elements , they treasure and cherish

    the individuals acting against the society .

    And – the mother of all crime – FRAMING OF PETER MARKAN .

    There have been attempts to declare as ‘ criminal organisation ‘ and ‘ to ban the existence ‘

    of motorcycle enthusiasts clubs unsympathetically called by proponents of such solution as

    ‘ bikies gangs ‘ .

    The prominent arguments is that – ‘ if 1% of members of an organisation committed criminal offences

    that is sufficient to deem the whole organisation as potentially criminal ‘ .

    In the view of the above , I am proposing to declare Queensland Police Service

    as criminal organisation and to disband it !

    There shouldn`t be much objections !

    All those people proposing such action towards motorcycle enthusiasts clubs should support it ,

    otherwise they might be called hypocrites by not wanting to apply the same law for everybody and

    every organisation within the same jurisdiction .

    Many lawyers , judges , journalists and people of public importance expressed support for such laws ,

    legislators are in favour as well .

    Previously similar actions towards organisations considered harmful for a society have been successful –

    best example is Russian Communist Party .

    If such action succeeded with the multi million members strong , politically , economically and

    militarily powerful organisation – there should not be problem with few totally corrupt misfits .

    So everything is kosher , lawful , legal and possible !

    Lets do it !

    I received a letter from a person saying that ‘ not all police are bad ‘ . Yes , statistically that should be correct .

    Among over 10 000 police in Queensland ( plus thousand others serving in the last 50 years ) there should be

    at least one shining example of someone courageous and honest standing up to corruption and rottenness

    in their ranks – WHO IS THAT PERSON ???????

    It should be shamefully embarrassing that I found stories of honest police in NSW

    ( Simon Illingworth and Deborah Locke – and I am paying my respect to them in aaalinks.html ) ,

    in Victoria BUT NOT IN QUEENSLAND !!!!

    All I found are stories of their crimes and corruption . The most hideous for me was the case of colleagues showing ‘ solidarity ‘ when policeman rapist – Peter Anthony Buxton – was sentenced in Maroochydore court

    for sexual assaults on several arrested women held in Maroochydore POLICE STATION !

    Queensland protectors of community safety ?!


    Information about my battle with the devilish forces in barbaric Queensland

    ( with the copies of relevant documents ) is on



    and some others .


    You are receiving this email as the person of public importance and

    the matters this message refer to are not only personal but also public

    importance as well .


    Peter Markan

  6. shane Backhouse says:

    I see the tent embassy saga on tv, and see the numbers of armed police and specialunit .this i gathered was arranged some time ago as to have the numbers of police (200 plus) there would hae to had been arranged some weeks ago ,and the cost to the public ,i would be intrestered in knowing . THERE IS ONE QUESTION THAT I ASK -i have told that the AUSTRALIAN FLAG was once again burnt .IS THIS TRUE OR FALSE ?. Also i believe the handfull of protesters were lucky as the police were aware that many cameras were on them .So they did not use any violence on you as they normally would if no cameras were there. . Now in the news the Queensland policewant to get -high school kids(grade-12-) to join the police force.Boy oh boy if this comes to bear.look out on the deaths by killing by the police rise.What a society we are developing into . CRAZY

  7. shane Backhouse says:

    JUT A NOTE OF INFORMATION FOR ALL CONSERNING THE -DROP KNEE BY POLICE–This is a technique used by police to drop a person to the ground then one will drop the knee into the persons ,kidney area this will do damage as well make the person become uncouncious thus giving the police no more trouble.I know about this technique as discussed it with police in the -1980’s .as i teach MARTIAL ARTS, then and now SO THE KNEE IS A DELIBERATE ACT BY THE POLICE TO CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY .

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