17 Group: 7th of March Meeting

The March 2012 Meeting of the 17 Group will take place on Wednesday the 7th of March at 7pm in unit 6 at 20 Drury St in West End on the topic of energy policy in relation to the Queensland State Election. It will be addressed by energy researcher Trevor Berrill, who gave three excellent talks to the group last year.

Qld Energy Policy – Sustainable Energy Pathway or Greenwash???

Trevor Berrill is currently reviewing energy policy in Queensland for the Felton Farmers and the Australian Solar Energy Society. His review will examine what constitutes good policy foundation to address big picture issues such as global warming and what policy is being presented by each major political party for the State election. How much progress has been made with current State Government Clean Energy policy and how do the party’s policies compare, or is it all just greenwash?

From a review of the last 5 years budget papers, as well as policy papers, Trevor has identified State Government subsidy monies to the fossil fuel industry, as well as renewable energies and energy efficiency. The fossil fuel industries have received almost $6.8 billion in the past 5 years. Most of this is for infrastructure expenditure to develop the coal and gas industries rampaging across Queensland. Yet in 2009, under pressure from the International Energy Agency, the G20 countries committed to phase out subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and support policy for a transition to clean energy sources. In Queensland, renewables and energy efficiency are receiving a small fraction of subsidies which the fossil fuel industries lap up. Yet many billions more are promised by Government to the fossil fuel industry.

Trevor Berrill
Sustainable Energy Systems Consultant & Educator
Solaris Solar Powered Home
29 Burnett St
Wellington Point

Despite being advised by his father, David, and his mother, Anna, pictured below in an informal discussion after the family meal

young Leon,

headstrong as always, has refused yet again to attend our meeting and instead has gone off (correct) line dancing with his friends in Siberia. Take the advice of your own father and mother and attend regardless of whether its hot or cool.

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