Free Uni @ OccupyBris

Free Uni Minutes, Organising Committee Meeting held @Musgrave Park Tuesday, 8/11/2011

Present – Amelinda, Jaime, Ian, Kathy, Calle, Martin (Big Issue), Culley, Lars, Shannon, Jacob (Resistance) and several others

Several topics were canvassed for coming Free Unis.

They were:

The Story of the Eureka Stockade. What it means for the Australian Working Class and their unions. The relationship with nationalist groups. Ian gave a brief history and offered to give a talk on the understanding that it not be this Sunday and that other speakers are asked.

Indigenous Issues. Aboriginal Law (the flatter structures, the role of women) vs. Whitefella law (the pyramid hierarchy). Aboriginal culture training – protocols associated with occupation and understanding aboriginal ways. The history of settlement and colonisation, the aboriginal resistance. Kathy brought some films – ‘The Coolbaru Club’ and ‘How the West was Lost’ (story of the Pilbara) and suggested they be shown and discussed. There was general discussion about a range of aboriginal issues including the proper use of the didgeridoo and cultural practice. Ian offered to take people to see Natalie the manager of the Musgrave Park Cultural Centre on Friday at noon so that we can become more familiar with aboriginal objectives relating to the park and to ask her for information about the stolen generation and the stories of the Dreaming including the rainbow serpent. It was decided to invite knowledgeable indigenous people to speak on these issues this Sunday for open uni.

The role of money and the banking system. Reserve banking, credit, non-interest loans systems as in Islamic banking, the social relationship, debt, mortgages etc.

Alternative Economic Systems. Political economy. Some advised that this topic is being prepared by people absent and that it is a good topic for the future.

The Monarchy. The role of the constitution and the nature of government in the Australian context.

Resolved – that Amelinda would approach academics at QUT to speak on Aboriginal Law (the flatter structures, the role of women) vs. Whitefella law (the pyramid hierarchy). Ian is to set up meeting with manager of Musgrave Park Cultural Centre and people from Free Uni organising commitee. Jaime suggested making a collage display. Jacob to do flyer asking help with graphics from Aboriginal Park people. Martin will try to get Free Uni in THE BIG ISSUE and will go with others to next BI editorial meeting on Monday to arrange. Amelinda suggested we issue a media statement using Jacob’s flyer to Quest, Courier Mail, Street Press, OurBrisbane, 4ZZZ etc. and suggested Free Uni for homeless people. Shannon will livestream this Sunday’s Free Uni.

Time & Place: Free Uni; Occupy Brisbane, Musgrave Park, 1pm 13 Nov 2011. Organisers to arrive and set up at noon on Sunday (13 Nov) and Speakers to come at 12.30pm to sort out last minute details

Minutes by Ian Curr, 9 Nov 2011
0407 687 016

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