#OccupyBrisbane Rally today! 12 noon

ya estan matando a Chilenos
and now they are killing Chileans
in the Greek sports stadiums
they are showing
how they define
live to fight
fight to live

To the Victor belongs the Spoils‘ by Daniel del Solar

As the #Occupy Movement grows around Australia and throughout the world, a number of obstacles have been put in our path.We are organising to defend our #OccupyBrisbane.

Capitalism & Greed

RALLY AT #OccupyBrisbane
in solidarity with #OccupyMelbourne (Saturday) 12 MIDDAY,

22 October 2011!

For example, Occupy Melbourne has been attacked by police and civil authorities. However this can be overcome by better political organisation and support. Attacks have been made against #Occupiers in Barcelona (where these kinds of actions began), in Italy, in Dallas, and elsewhere.
Even Doonesbury is having  a go at the #Occupiers
Collective will and common sense has seen #Occupy Brisbane build each day. For example a well run Kitchen is now in place. A children’s playground tent, OccuPlay, been set up and is working well. An information stall is operating and general assemblies have been tackling day-to-day issues and consolidating our presence in Brisbane’s Post Office Square.

tents at #Occupy Brisbane

#Occupy Brisbane is held in Post Office Square

Post Office Square between Queen and Adelaide Streets, below Edward Street Water, food & power is provided

Public Assembly in Post Office Square is legal. People have the right to assemble in the Square under the Qld Peaceful Assembly Act 1992. Some rules apply but the Peaceful assemblies Act overrules all other relevant laws.[ See Peaceful assembly or rally and Peaceful assemblies ActAn Act to provide for the recognition, exercise and any necessary and reasonable restrictions of the right of peaceful assembly, and for related purposes

The next couple of days will be spent organising to mobilise more political support.

In the next couple of days more political events will occur.

On Sunday there will be an Open university at 12 noon that addresses the topic ‘Revolting Brisbane’ an attempt to tie Brisbane’s political past with the present. Musicians who have been part of the struggle have also been invited to play on Sunday.

The Case against #Occupy movement refuted
The #Occupy movement is a revitalisation of the anti-globalisation movement beginning the 1990s in Seattle. There are people involved who participated in those events. There are organic differences e.g. the #Occupy people are in the square 24/7. Negatives comments have been refuted — old chestnuts like ‘why don’t these young people get a job’ have been refuted by this is our work – to bring about change. Labour is hard but work is creative and this is what are doing.

Negatives like “Don’t these protesters realise how lucky we are, how good economic management by the government and RBA (with help from sound financial sector regulation), has prevented the kind of policy failures that have led to economic catastrophe and a 1 percent — 99 percent scenario in the US?”

“While hardship has been a major factor driving the rapid growth and spread of the American movement, drawing in large contingents of ordinary working people of different ethnic backgrounds, it cannot be understood as simply or mainly a response to some absolute level of immiseration. It is a movement that specifically argues these problems are the result not of bad policy choices or particular political parties; rather, the problem is a whole system of elite rule, which has subordinated politics and government to a tiny minority’s interests…it is a non sequitur to quote statistics showing how much better off Australians are than Americans in terms of inequality or poverty — precisely because the #occupy movement is opposed to a set of power relations that systematically create inequality and poverty.” See http://left-flank.blogspot.com/2011/10/occupyoz-captures-mood-but-its-critics.html

Solidarity with #OccupyMelbourne, under attack
Rally in solidarity with #Occupy Melbourne, under attack from police on the orders of the Lord Mayor.

Stand together with all those OCCUPYING against corporate greed and inequality.

We approach the end of the first week of Occupy Brisbane in Post Office Square, Queen Street, Brisbane.

Down south at #Occupy Melbourne today, riot police have moved in to clear the occupiers in advance of the Queen’s visit.

Construction workers, wharfies and seafarers unions have marched on the site in defence of the occupiers.

Come along tomorrow (Saturday) to show your solidarity and stand united.


We are the 99%

This is aboriginal land
We built this country, we occupy it
We built these streets, we occupy them

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  1. Occupy Wall St, Occupy Uruguay, Occupy Manila International Airport
    by Mark Nowak
    In my last posting on #OWS, I related a series of conversations I’d had with global trade union activists on their perceptions of #OccupyWallSt. After the article appeared, several global labor activists contacted me with follow-up and feedback. Steve Faulkner, an International Officer at the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU), wrote to say that the success of the movement in Zuccotti Park firmly reminded trade unions in South Africa that they couldn’t be just “glorified publicity campaigns,” but that the trade union movement actually needed to be “providing space for action and discussion for the posing of important questions while people are taking action.” Faulkner continued:

    The issue of occupying workplaces is very likely to be posed as manufacturing concerns continue to downsize, and often in geographical areas which are already chronically impoverished. It’s already happened in a limited way. There have been partial occupations of municipal premises . . . and this too will be increasingly posed as a useful tactic in the light of service delivery campaigns and against privatisation and corruption. I sense a growing interest in occupations as a result of Wall Street.

    source>> http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2011/nowak221011.html

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