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Rank hypocrisy on Child detention

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As the Australian government provides high level support to the 14 year old Australian boy and his family in Indonesia, could they spare a thought for the 14 year old Indonesian boys locked up in Australia who have no parents … Continue reading


Post•War Reconstruction, Socialism, and Labor Unity

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Sixty-seven years ago today, Fred Paterson rose to his feet to make a speech in the Queensland House of Representatives. The Labor Government was in power. Joh Bjelke-Peterson, then a backbencher, famously said after hearing Fred’s speech (below):— “I am … Continue reading


An end to global war

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From Arab Spring we come singing for freedom’s sake strike up the banner, cry war no more rid us of this insane curse those warmongers are the worse our job is not to lead nor is it to be led … Continue reading


Refugee tribunal reflects political agenda: ex-diplomat

BURN THE BILL – Tuesday 11 October – 12noon – Treasury Place ( outside PM Gillard’s Melbourne office) Your chance to show what you think of the Migration Legislation Amendment (Offshore Processing and Or Measures) Bill . The Refugee Advocacy … Continue reading



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Indonesia is a transit country for asylum seekers whose destination is Australia, but unlike Australia, Indonesia has not ratified the UN Refugee Convention. Meanwhile the UNHCR has an office in Jakarta to process the asylum seeker applications; but the slow … Continue reading