Behind the Seams: The women who made Can’t Tear ‘Em™

On Sunday, 16th October at 2pm, Phuong Xuan Vo and Glenda Shugg, will be sharing their personal stories of life ‘behind the seams’ in the Can’t Tear ‘Em™ factory and beyond. Phuong is from Viet Nam, Glenda is Filipino and hopefully some of the other women who feature in the film will also be present. I met Phuong & Glenda briefly in September quite by chance and I think you would enjoy hearing their stories and seeing the film and exhibits of their lives at the workplace.

I hope to see you there at the Museum of Brisbane‘s temporary exhibition space, 157 Ann Street, Brisbane (nearby King George Square).

But if you can’t make it on the 16th, the exhibition will continue until 30th October.

Entry is FREE, no booking required.
Please circulate this email to your friends & family.

Behind the Seams: The women who made Can’t Tear ‘Em™

The West End factory that produced Can’t Tear ‘Em™ workwear, had for many years triumphed over tariff cuts and offshore competition. It did so through the determination, adaptability and skill of its largely female, migrant workforce. Despite the workers’ commitment to keeping the factory open, it closed its doors in July 2009 when its parent company, Pacific Brands, sent manufacturing offshore.

Behind the Seams explores the story of the incredible community spirit that was formed inside the factory where many cultures worked side-by-side under high pressure, in a busy but spartan production room.

Discover the moving and inspiring personal stories of the women who were central to this community and how their bonds of friendship continue to endure.

This exhibition at Museum of Brisbane is part of a national series of exhibitions acknowledging the contribution of textile workers in arts projects at seven Pacific Brands sites which closed manufacturing in Australia. The Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia provided training and advocacy to 1850 workers who lost their jobs.

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet some of The women of Can’t Tear ‘Em™ on a guided tour of the exhibition.

Museum of Brisbane
Ground Floor, 157 Ann St

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

22 July – 30 October 2011
The Museum of Brisbane is open to the public every day from 10am to 5pm

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