Justice Rally for the Bellotti family at State Parliament.

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Rex Bellottti Jnr

Is justice real in this country for our

Aboriginal Youth!

How many of our youth have been treated inappropriately by the police – come down and tell your story we all know it happens! It has been happening over the past thirty years and still continues!!!

Thursday: 19th May 2011

Where: Parliament House WA – Harvest Terrace Perth 6000

Time: 12:00 noon

Contact: Rex Bellotti Snr – 0487336314 or email:
rexsons@gmail.com – If you are able to support.

Newspaper articles, and photo-graphic images of the injuries to Rex’s leg attached (please view at your discretion) – it is inconsistent with statements that he rolled over the vehicle instead of being dragged under it!


2 thoughts on “Justice Rally for the Bellotti family at State Parliament.

  1. Melanie Bellotti says:

    I was just looking at the article regarding my nephew, tears are rolling as I type this, as we the family of Rex & Elisabeth Bellotti, and Rex Jnr have had to deal with the distress from this accident and all the after effects it has had on us all. My nephew was not given the privelidge of being treated like a human being during & after this accident, nor did the investigation of this matter be dealt with appropriatly. I am disgusted in how this matter was dealt with or lack of being dealt with & the treatment was appauling from the Police Dept, CCC & even by the media not giving the the attention it needed at the time. My brother & sister in law are still struggling to get jJUSTICE for what happened. we live in the so called Country of “a fair go: ptf, for who not Indigenous people thats for sure, sad but true, shame on you

  2. Rex Bellotti Snr says:

    I have not responded to all the distorted reports that have been in the media since the 6th March 2009, as we thought that it would be reported in our words. As a result of such media reports they still have not got it right, and they the Media do not seem to be able to put our concerns in the context that we want to have as the deep impact that it has on us as a Family. This has not just been a physical scar but it leaves deep mental scaring, and right now not even the slightest chance of getting, and obtaining closure. The likely hood of having that oportunity seems to be very remote. As I have seen what has been reported in the Koori Mail’s 1st June 2011 edition, it appears to be pandemic with no remedies in sight. What more needs to happen after the Ward, Spratt and Palm Island cases with their extreme circumstances like this. What more does the Governments of Australia whether state, or federal need to see before there are changes made through Legislations so that we feel safe in our own country. Time for change now Australia. As for the media, I will right it all down for you so that you can tell it how it really is in greater detail to tell the whole truths, and really expand to those that have no idea as to the treatment we still get in our own country. So those that read your papers get all the information to make up there minds as the intelligent people we think all Australians are to make informed decision to whether they support our cause, or they don’t. Enough of all the political rhetoric and properganda. As for those in the community that think that we don’t have a heart, I suggest that you have another look at the photo’s posted. The Police services that are across Australia should have Canbeera reinforce with political pressure for all those laws that protect all walks of life, and not leave it up to them with their discretion and interpretations. They have had 2 hundred years, and look where we are still at. We are a Christain Family and we are being treated like we have committed a crime. What ever happened to that old Australian cliche’ of a, and I quote ” A Fair Go ” end quote. We have no faith in this system that Rex Jr will ever be compensated for his predicament, that he is going through by no fault of his own. We are concerned at all times, and like my sister said we too shed tears with our plight. GODS Bless to all.

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