Update on Kids Detention stats

As at 12 May 2011, the Minister has granted community detention placements to 759 people, including 368 children. Some are awaiting transfer to the community.

Some 79 of these people have been granted permanent Protection visas since being approved for community detention placements, and the rest are either living in the community or are awaiting transfer in coming days.

This does not tell us how many teenager unaccompanied minors are still in locked detention or how many kids with families are in same but perhaps this information will be available soon.

The overall children in all Detention figure is 1057. This now includes Community detention.

One response to “Update on Kids Detention stats

  1. Click to access immigration-detention-statistics-20110506.pdf

    Children in locked detention = 787
    Children in community detention = 251
    Teenagers without parents( UAM’s) released into community detention =60
    TOTAL 1038

    Pamela Curr
    Campaign Coordinator
    Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
    12 Batman st West Melbourne 3003
    ph 03 9326 6066 / 0417517075



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