At long last latest refugee detention stats out of the bag

You can understand why there have been no figures published since February 2011.

Amidst all the promises about the Community Detention Program made by the PM in October and then the Minister in November comes the reality in May.

WAIT for it – OUT OF 1048 CHILDREN IN DETENTION – there are 156 who have been released into the community.

 There are 79 Unaccompanied Minors in this group of 156.

This has taken 7 months to achieve this.

The government has told us that 900 children and families will be released by June 2011.

The story behind this broken promise is that teenagers were promised for months that they would be released.

Many kids were called up and given the talk then asked to sign a form for community detention – some twice- then they sat and waited with broken hearts and spirits as month after month went by and they remained in detention.

Pamela Curr

Campaign Coordinator

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

12 Batman st West Melbourne 3003

ph 03 9326 6066 / 0417517075


One thought on “At long last latest refugee detention stats out of the bag

  1. Gillard promised that children would be out of detention centres expeditiously – 8 months later this is a broken promise, a lie.
    Gillard promised that 500 would be resettled from Indonesia to Australia each year, well this is a broken promise, another lie.
    Gillard reckons she’ll resettle 4,000 from Malaysia each year, yeah right.
    Onen promise that she’ll probably keep above others is that she’ll send 800 unfortunate souls to unwarranted suffering, long or life long incarceration, and for some premature death to the Malaysian camps.


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